Ebenthorin’s Revenge!

Drinking DwarfWatching cool downs has always struck me as a bane of playing Warcraft. Why am I staring at a 64×64 pixel icon watching for the cool down indicator to pop, instead of the visually interesting aspects of the game, the visual cues to phase changes, or panic button timings?

So one of the things I have done to get around this annoyance is to use two primary macros:

#ShowToolTip Devastate
/use [trinket #1 name]
/use [trinket #2 name]
/Castrandom Devastate, Revenge

#ShowToolTip Shield Slam
/use [trinket #1 name]
/use [trinket #2 name]
/Castrandom Shield Slam, Revenge

There are 2 options you have to ‘on use’ trinkets. For things that give you additional armor, absorption, or health regen, I use them every cooldown. It might not be the most efficient use of them, but I’ll get a lot more use out of them than if I try to use them at more efficient times (and it’s one less cooldown to watch). The life saving trinkets that give you a significant dodge or max health boost, I typically handle on my own.

If you want to just run them all in those two macros you can replace the Trinket Name with 13 and 14. “/use 13” will attempt to use what ever your first trinket is and “/use 14” will attempt the second.

Alternatively, you can type “/use trinketname” to specify individual trinkets. And you can try to use any trinket by name, even ones that aren’t equiped. The nice part of doing it this way is that you don’t have to change your macros when you swap gear.

HINT: In the Macro Editor, if you put your cursor after the “/use “, then open your character sheet, bag, or skill book, you can shift-click on items and skills and the name will be automatically entered into the Macro Editor right where your cursor is.

Now the important thing to realize about this is that it changes the play style from trying to time your keystrokes perfectly into more of a button mashing style. And depending on your play style and key layout, it may or may not work well for you.

The more you spam these two macros, the more likely you are to get a revenge off every cool down, which means more shield slams and more free heroic strikes. Not to mention you don’t have to stare at your action bar waiting for cool downs to pop.



  1. Cyroaurilius says:

    I love my “LIVE” macro, uses last stand, shield wall, and both my trinkets (+armor, +dodge). since my dodge trinket is on a 1 minute cooldown I tend to use that in between randomly. But my “LIVE” macro has bailed out healers quite a few times now.. I don’t think they ever realize it either, they probably just assumed that I must of dodged an attack in time for them to get a heal off =)

  2. I guess everyone has a different threshold for macro automation, but I really don’t like /castrandom. I do agree about not like keeping track of cooldowns though. I have a slightly different strategy.

    First, I like to put something near the middle of the screen to remind me of my primary short-cooldown abilities. The “PowerAuras” addon, can be configured to show nifty icons based on buffs or abilities being off cooldown. Or use a bar mod like Bartender or Dominoes to move a small bar near to the middle of the screen so you an see the cooldowns. Power auras is a little too complicated for me, so I use Dominoes to show a small six-button bar that shows Shield Slam, Revenge, Devastate, Concussion Blow, Shockwave, and Thunder Clap. That, combined with OmniCC for cooldowns is pretty good. Plus Sword and Board and Revenge procs do have audio and visual cues.

    Second, I do use a few macros but as I said, I can’t stand /castrandom so what I do is combine abilities that don’t use the global cooldown with related cooldown abilities. Currently, I have Shield Block/Shield Slam, Revenge/Heroic Strike (glyph of revenge makes this one awesome), Charge/Devastate, Thunder Clap/Use Trinkets, and Charge/Taunt. The nice thing about this is that while the abilities are on cooldown, the non-GCD abilities are still available for use, so I’m mostly using three buttons for my usual threat cycle. ( SB/SS, Dev, Rev/HS) I just keep everything on my six-button mini bar on cooldown (TC only for AOE) and hit my Rev/HS button regularly when I want to dump rage with HS. It’s not spamming abilities, but it’s mindless enough that I can pay attention to what’s happening around me. I guess it’s a bit more complicated than the two /castrandom macros, but it adds a little more control that I feel I need.