Level 80 Rare Tanking Gems for Warriors

**  UPDATE Please check out our Level 85 Tanking Gems post for updated info for Cataclsym!  **

This list is made up of the Rare tanking gems available in Wrath of Lich King broken down by desired category and color.  I am going by the following assumptions.  You typically look for 3 things when looking for gems.  Avoidance (defense), Effective Health (Stamina and Armor), or Threat (Strength, Crit, Expertise & Hit).  What I have listed here are my recommendations for gems you should slot based on the color and going by the assumption that you want the socket bonus.  There are many other gem combinations available and I encourage you to research and decide what is best for your tanking needs.


Effective Health


Your choices for threat gems might instead include To Hit, Expertise and/or Crit, but I think it is too early to sacrifice opportunities for defensive stats to go with pure threat gems.


  1. I admit I may overhype it sometimes, but I don’t agree with expertise being solely a “threat” stat. The 12 stamina/8 expertise gem is great for accomodating both EH and TPS, sure. But I personally see expertise more than anything as a way of reducing damage spikes due to its impact on a mob’s chance to parry. That alone places it higher than any other gem, at least until reaching 6% where dodge is capped and you’re only reducing parry.

  2. I believe in the last of the Effective Health gems you want Enduring Forrest Emerald (not a repeat of Regal)


  3. Anonymous says:

    Effective healt, shouldnt you have the Solid Dragon’s Eye there? http://www.wowhead.com/?item=36767
    And for threat, the Bold Dragon’s Eye is also a great (if not the best) option.

    • Yes, if you are a JC, then Solid Dragon’s Eye, would be a great option. Bold Dragon’s Eye again is a JC only gem and it would be an excellent choice for threat.

  4. I’m a level 80 Warrior, just started tanking, and the prob I’m having is holding agro on multiple mobs, sometimes it seems to work up to a point but most times is an epic fail. I’m geared fairly well(but it could always use improvement) and am gemmed nicely. Any advice?


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