The Oculus

The Oculus is not your standard instance in any way. There are several elements not found in other places that make it a very interesting instance.

Once you enter the portal to the instance, you’re confronted with a long, circular hallway. The trash needs to be cleared entirely up until reaching a portal on the other side. Crossing that portal leads to the first boss.

Drakos the Interrogator

Drakos might remind you of the first boss in Mechanar (non-heroic). He constantly spawns little mines that need to be avoided. Sometimes he pulls the entire raid to himself and spawns lots of mines. When he does that the boss needs to be kited away immediately into a safe zone. The rest of the group should do the same. It doesn’t sound hard on paper, but, well… it isn’t that hard in practice either. The only other ability that he has is a sort of bomb debuff like the one Murmur did at the end of Shadow Labs. He does this after a pull, which is why each member should look for his/her own safe zone.

With Drakos dead, the real fun begins. Three cages open, each with an NPC. Talking to an NPC grants you an item that allows you to summon a dragon to ride inside the instance (in case you want another one there’s an option to exchange the one you have for the one you want).

Flight school – part one

The options are:

Emerald: healing drake. Has a poison attack that stacks up to 3 times, DoTs and heals the drake for the damage it does.

Ruby: tank drake. Has a chain-fire breath attack (think of chain lightning). Gains charges every time it gets hit by an enemy; these charges are then unleashed with a special evasion skill, which causes the next few attacks to miss (and consume a charge). Think of getting rage to activate shield block, and shield block charges protecting you from attacks but being consumed until you have none, and until you finished all your charges you’re not getting any rage.

Bronze: DPS drake. Has a normal ranged attack (single target, uninteresting attack) and time stop. The latter does exactly what you might think, and also adds charges to enemies that will be affected by time stop. The charges for a Bronze drake are quite different in that they act like bombs, when you attack a target with charges the charges detonate, causing tons of damage.

Once the group is set up (ideal set up is one Ruby, two Emerald and two Bronze) you have to kill 10 centrifuge constructs. These are big robots like the ones in Mechanar and Botanica. You’ll find three on a platform directly left of you, three on a platform directly right of you, and the other four in four different groups on the central platform. Those on the central platform are each surrounded by three to four casters, so watch out. Getting them nice and clumped up for easy AE tanking may be difficult, so you might want to CC some of those that are far away.

With all the constructs down, you just pulled down the shield around Varos Cloudstrider.

Varos Cloudstrider

Varos is standing on a platform directly opposite of where you first got your drakes. Clear ALL the trash around his platform (you don’t want them to add during the fight..) Unlike Drakos, Varos actually can wipe you if you don’t know what’s going on.

The platform on which Varos stands is surrounded by a bunch of vortexes. After a while, he’s going to start shooting beams that connect to tese vortexes (they come instantly and they are nice and straight, easily recognizable). If you stand in one of those beams you immediately need to get out. After a few seconds he starts to charge the vortexes, which means anyone in between him and the vortex he’s connected to will get a nice smack in the face. Note that you won’t avoid the damage just by not standing “directly” in the beam, you will only avoid it by going in an area not occupied by one. If you see two beams in close proximity, then the area in between is a no-go zone. If you see a nice space in between two, then you’ll be safe there in between. Varos also summons drakes that do a sort of eye beam. These drakes can’t be targeted (as far as I know) so just get out of the eye beams. You’ll be dodging the other types of beams anyway, so it’s just another thing to watch out when you’re moving around.

Killing Varos immediately unlocks the third boss encounter.

Mage-Lord Urom

The self-titled mage lord is no different from his predecessor. He requires movement from the entire group, else you’re toast. You can see him channeling some sort of spell if you look up and to the left from the platform where Varos was standing. If you go there and attack him, he’ll run away and summon a bunch of adds. Grab them, tank them, nuke them down, and repeat another 2 times, at which point he’ll go to the central pillar.

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