Level 80 Tanking Enchants

Updated for Cataclysm – Check out the Level 85 Tanking Enchants

So you’re level 80 and getting all those nifty gear upgrades. Now you just have to decide what to enchant them with! Here, I will break down some options for level 80 tanking enchants.

Level 80 Weapon Tanking Enchants

Let’s start with our weapon. This piece of gear has many options depending on what you prefer.

Level 80 Shield Tanking Enchants

For your shield, you basically have 3 options.

Level 80 Head Tanking Enchant

Time to grind out some faction for your head enchant!

Level 80 Shoulder Tanking Enchant

More faction work!

Level 80 Leg Tanking Enchant

Find a leatherworker!

Level 80 Foot Tanking Enchant

Only 1 real option here

Level 80 Wrist Tanking Enchant

Now you wish you were a leatherworker!

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