Level 80 Tanking Enchants

Updated for Cataclysm – Check out the Level 85 Tanking Enchants

So you’re level 80 and getting all those nifty gear upgrades. Now you just have to decide what to enchant them with! Here, I will break down some options for level 80 tanking enchants.

Level 80 Weapon Tanking Enchants

Let’s start with our weapon. This piece of gear has many options depending on what you prefer.

Level 80 Shield Tanking Enchants

For your shield, you basically have 3 options.

Level 80 Head Tanking Enchant

Time to grind out some faction for your head enchant!

Level 80 Shoulder Tanking Enchant

More faction work!

Level 80 Leg Tanking Enchant

Find a leatherworker!

Level 80 Foot Tanking Enchant

Only 1 real option here

Level 80 Wrist Tanking Enchant

Now you wish you were a leatherworker!

Level 80 Hand Tanking Enchant

Hand enchants offer a few more options depending on your personal preference.

Level 80 Cloak Tanking Enchant

Level 80 Chest Tanking Enchant


  1. Great stuff, Biz. How noticeable/useful is the run speed increase on the boots though, particularly in a Warbringer build? Personally, I’m a little more inclined toward getting 7 extra STAM from http://www.wowhead.com/?spell=44528. But, if the run speed increase helps save the butts of overzealous squishies, then I’m all for it.

    Another one I think is worth mentioning for the Engineering crowd is http://www.wowhead.com/?spell=54999. If you’re an engineer and you can afford to skip the glove enchants, this is an awesome little threat/dps booster on a short enough cooldown that it can be used multiple times in raid (or even some 5-man) boss fights.

  2. I actually don’t have the boot enchant yet, but from having Boar’s speed for most of TBC, I can’t imagine living without it.

  3. You have a pair of cloak enchants in your chest section…..

  4. I’m using the pure stamina enchant on my boots instead of Tuskarr’s Vitality. I was a diehard fan of Boar’s Speed during TBC… every single pair of tanking boots I had got that enchant. But now, with the inclusion of warbringer, the extremely long range for taunt, and all sorts of other variables, really make the run/walk speed redundant. But I guess it’s a matter of opinion.

    Where do you get 35 stamina on shield form anyway?

  5. You have the Enchant Cloak: Superior Agi and Enchant Cloak: Mighty Armor under Chest enchants! :O

  6. Fixed!

  7. There is a 55 stamina, 22 agility leatherworking leg enchant as well. Best bang for your buck.

  8. I’m not sure if the stamina to shield enchant is in the game right now, there’s pretty much no information on wowhead.com about it. :(

    For cheap glove enhancements, the +18 stamina from Heavy Borean Armor Kit isn’t too bad until you have gloves worth placing better enchants on. :D

  9. You missed the Frosthide Armor kit for the legs, which gives 55 Stam and 22 Agi. These have been around 100g on AH for me.

  10. Good post.

    I’ve taken the accuracy enchant myself. Yeah, it’s expensive, but I’m using the red sword of courage, so it’s not as if I’ll be replacing it any time soon.

    I’ve also taken Tough Shield. Right now, I’m looking to stack as much block value I can, considering how valuable it is to skills like Shield Slam, Shield Block and Damage Shield.

  11. For the boots there is a +22stam also available…

    And what about the +35stam on the shield??? Also, I think there is an other enchant for HP on the chest…

  12. Yeah, I didn’t originally include the +22 STAM to boots just because I personally feel the run speed increase is too important to pass up. While it does not sound like much, every second counts and in mobile fights, it can be very helpful.

    The +35stam to shield is not in game yet as far as I can tell?

  13. The Aldor exalted enchant is the same as the Honored with Sons of Hodir enchant. Great for the time being until you get exalted with Sons of Hodir.

  14. Also wanted to add that Fel Armaments own my server are 5g. So the 8 needed to turnin will cost you 40g instead of the 75g for the same enchant from Sons of Hodir.

    The downside is if you are not exalted with Scryer or Aldor.

  15. New tanking enchants that are to be added:


    That’s a seriously decent block value enhancement right there.

  16. Fantastic list, thanks!

  17. Icewalker is one of my favorite boot enchants since WotLK, particularly with the popular Deep Wounds prot build.

    Don’t forget the old BC enchants in a pinch to save money, particularly on “pre-Nax” transitional raiding gear. You can get DEF on bracers, STR on your weapon/bracers/gloves, Steelweave on your cloak (DEF), etc… On a bang for your buck basis you can save quite a bit of money and save the big enchants for epic gear later. Adamantite Weapon chain and the Aldor/Scryer shoulder enchants are also worth looking depending on your stat needs.

    Also, don’t forget to look for “perfect” green gems in lieu of blue gems for the same slot. You can often get within a point or two of the blue gem’s stats for as little as 1/4 the price.

    Once you are into serious raiding it will be time to min/max and put serious enchants/gems on your gear – but since most of us are still ramping up it is far more resource efficient to spend time running heroics for better gear than farming cash for enchants on blue gear we’ll be replacing shortly.

  18. the description for Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector is incorrect. it is 37 stam not 27 =-p

  19. Anonymous says:

    Level 80 Head Tanking Enchant

    Time to grind out some faction for your head enchant!

    * Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector – Revered with Argent Crusade – 27 Stam and 20 defense rating

    s/b 37Stam

  20. “Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector” is 37 stam… you have 27 written down. :)

  21. Just to keep things current, the Titanguard, 75 stam enchant is not in game on live realms. It was decided that it would be too OP.

  22. keepers of time revered…. 16 def 17 dodge

  23. logicalmayhem says:

    Nice post , i would also say that Heavy Borean Armor Kit’s (+18stam )

    are really good for people who dont have alot of cash and they are CHEAP like under 20g each (24 leather)

    + they are solid sholder /chest/boot enchants anyway (IMO 2% threat is a must on gloves)