Instructor Razuvious

For most guilds new to this fight, it will probably seem very difficult at first but it gets much much easier as you get used to it.  The first thing you need to know is that you can’t tank Razuvious yourself.  His normal melee attacks will pop you for 25k and if you manage to survive for a couple seconds, he can and will hit you with Unbalancing Strike which is a whole lot more damage and if by some miracle you survive that too, you are now susceptible to crushes and crits because your defense skill was lowered by 100.

To avoid going splat in extraordinary fashion, you must use the Deathknight Understudies that are in the room to tank the boss.  In the 10-man version there are two understudies and two orb thingies (that have a name I cannot remember) which a player can use to control the understudies.  In the 25-man version there are 4 understudies, zero controller orbs and a priest has to mind control the understudies instead.  The understudies have a taunt on a 20 second cooldown and an ability called Bone Shield which reduces damage by 75% for 20 seconds and is on a 30 second cooldown.  In the 10man, you are probably going to have two tanks in your group so it makes sense to have them controlling the understudies.  When you use the orb it starts a 90 second channeled spell that puts you in control of the understudy so you will want the controllers to stagger their cast so that they don’t both break at the same time, leaving Razuvious untanked. 

Start the fight by having one controller click on his orb while the other controller/tank, taunts the other understudy and tanks him for 5-10 seconds before clicking on his orb.  Razuvious himself doesn’t become ‘active’ immediately unless he is attacked so the orb controller has a few seconds to get oriented and start attacking the boss.  The controller will activate Bone Shield as soon as possible to cut the damage because Razuvious will be hitting the understudy just as hard as he would have hit a normal tank.  The healers need to heal the understudy just like they would heal a normal tank.  The second controller should be watching the first understudy and as soon as the Bone Shield animation goes away, the second controller taunts the boss and pops his own bone shield and they rotate back and forth like that the entire fight.  If executed perfectly, the understudy will never be tanking Razuvious without bone shield. 

When the channeled controlling spell ends after 90 seconds, just click the orb again.  The orb will try to control the nearest Understudy, and if positioning gets weird and the understudy closest to the orb happens to be the one the other person is controlling, you will get an error saying ‘Target cannot be charmed’.  To prevent that, you can taunt the understudy immediately after the channel breaks so that he runs over to you.

The 25man version can be a lot harder because you are counting on priests to do something they don’t normally do and mind control can be a bit tricky.  For the pull, we have the priest that will do the first MC use Mind Soothe on his target so that he can get relatively close to it without getting aggro.  As soon as the MC hits, the tanks all charge in and grab the other three understudies.  As long as nobody attacks the boss, he won’t activate right away and the priest will have time to move the understudy into position so that when the boss activates and comes charging at the raid, he will have to run right past the understudy where he will be taunted. 

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