Crafting and You: A Northrend Tank’s Perspective

By now you’ve most likely chosen 2 professions. In fact, you probably chose them 3-4 years ago and are 400+ ranks into your chosen professions by this point. However, if you’re a new tank or, more likely, a Frosty Death Knight, and are wondering what crafting can do for you as a tank, here are some of the new craftables available in WotLK, with direct comparisons to other available items that are of reasonably comparable level. If you’re ever looking for good information about craftables, I always reference Calliope does a FANTASTIC job here. Recipes are very easy to locate, good search filters, and the information is always very very accurate. And of course, there’s always my other highly recommended site for all your searching needs – Lets get to those professions!


Elixir of Mighty Agility – a nice 2-hour long (hooray for Mixology!) +45 Agility boost. It’s a battle elixir, so you can’t use it in conjunction with any other Battle Elixirs

Elixir of Mighty Defense – the perfect soulmate for Mighty Agility, this Guardian Elixir provides you, the tanking Alchemist, with 2 hours of an extra 45 Defense. However, if the extra defense is wasted on you (Bears, for instance) then really, you’re better off sticking w/ old school BC’s Elixir of Major Defense for your Guardian Elixir of choice.

Nothing beats a Flask for progression raiding, though, thanks to the super-handiness of the persistence through death of Flasks. If that’s where you find yourself, this health nut recommends you start your raid night off with a tall, cool, refreshing Flask of Stoneblood. An extra 650 Health may not sound like much, but what if I phrased it as +65 Stamina for 4 hours that perisists through death? Not too shabby, eh?

From the shorter duration department, if you can manage to make it to the waning minutes of that really hard-hitting melee boss without needing to use a Runic Health Potion and need a little extra mitigation to stay on your feet through the soft enrage, I really like the Indestructible Potion. Now I have not tested this myself just yet, but as I understand it Mixology only affects Elixirs and Flasks, which means Potions are most likely only going to last an average of 2 minutes… but in my experience, that’s still a SUBSTANTIAL amount of time during any boss fight. Potion sickness, however, does exclude use of this and a health potion or multiple uses of this potion, like we could do before v3.

In addition to consumables, ever since BC Alchemists have been able to create very nice trinkets for themselves via Transmutation. The WotLK incarntation of the Tank’s Transmute Trinket is the Indestructible Alchemist’s Stone. GREAT Stamina boost and a decent Dodge bonus, plus the nice benefit of additional effect from all the Runic Health Potions you’ll be making for yourself.

Finally, one big benefit of being an Alcatank – you can craft your own metagems to be cut by your JC buddies, which saves you a fortune in mat gathering. You’ll be able to transmute your own Earthsiege Diamonds for cutting into the absolutely sensational Austere Earthsiege Diamond.


Despite being one of (arguably THE) hardest profession to skill up due to the amount of mats required in nearly every recipe, Blacksmithing remains a very popular choice for tanks, and with good reason. There are innumerable benefits to being able to make your own armor and weapons. The quality is better than nearly anything you’ll find outside of heroics (and some even better) and you save yourself the small fortune in AH prices to buy the gear yourself. It’s worth noting that nearly all the craftables worth having in Blacksmithing in WotLK are BoE, which means if you have a guild blacksmith, he/she can make all this for you (though it might cost you.) Arguably the biggest benefit to being your own blacksmith is the ability to add your own prismatic gem slots to your equipment for gem socketing. Some of the better craftable pieces, however, are…

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