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Yes, it really is that good

I feel like every other thread on Tankspot is about deep wounds. And every other post in those threads it someone saying, ‘I don’t like putting dots on mobs’ or, ‘my crit is too low for it to work’, or ‘I don’t want to give up all my survivability’ or ‘I tried it and it […]

Level 80 Tanking Consumables

Kadomi over at Tank Like a Girl has posted a nice write up on Level 80 Tanking Consumables. I used to always use Flask of Fortification, but I am finding that Flasks just aren’t giving the punch I want these days. My new combo of choice is: Battle – Guru’s Elixir – 20 to all […]

Glory of the Hero

I like getting achievements; they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And I sure wouldn’t mind a flashy new proto-drake mount. A few weeks ago I started racking up achievements for Glory of the Hero and although I haven’t gotten many new ones lately, I did put together a list of all the […]

Ebenthorin’s Revenge!

Watching cool downs has always struck me as a bane of playing Warcraft. Why am I staring at a 64×64 pixel icon watching for the cool down indicator to pop, instead of the visually interesting aspects of the game, the visual cues to phase changes, or panic button timings?