Archives for November 2008

Prot PVP

For the last day and a half I have been hanging out in the battlegrounds quite a bit and I’ve gotta say, its been awesome.  If you haven’t tried it yet, I strongly recommend it.  The build I have been playing with is Admittedly, I have a pretty big advantage because I can wear […]

The ‘Threat is Dead’ Myth

I’m just going to touch on this a little as I don’t really have hard numbers to back this up. I am going to do my best to gather some hard facts on this but it is not easy to stop in the middle of a boss fight to take note of differing threat numbers. […]

Grand Widow Faerlina

The lovely Ms Faerlina is the second boss in the spider wing and is another pretty simple fight.  She does a poison bolt volley that hits for some initial damage and leaves a cleansable dot and the casts a rain of fire randomly around the room.  Have your shaman and paladins cleansing and the poison bolt […]

Patch 3.0.3

So we’re getting another patch today, bringing us to 3.0.3. The warrior changes are mostly in relation to DPS, but there are a couple of changes that could pertain to tanking and they both deal with threat. Rend: Ranks 9 and 10 now do 35% more damage when the target is above 75% health instead […]