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Huge and massive pre-raid gear guide

I went through all the WotLK dungeon loot tables and got my shopping list set.  I don’t plan on spending much time in dungeons while leveling which means the loot I pick up on the way to 80 will be mostly green quest rewards so I will probably hit 80 wearing much of the same […]


Frogger is maybe the greatest boss fight in all of Naxxramas.  It drops no loot but offers epic lulz.  After Patchwerk but before Grobbulus there is a section of hallway with 3 (or 4?) lines of green slimes that are moving perpendicular to the hallway.  They move pretty slowly and are spaced far enough apart […]


Grobbulus has always been a bit of a pushover and has always been regarded as one of the easiest fights in the zone.  But there are a few important mechanics that the raid needs to be aware of.  Every 15 seconds he drops a poison cloud where he is standing that deals a bunch of […]


Patchwerk is a very simple yet very challenging fight (or at least he was back in the day).  He hit the tanks very hard so he was a check on both the healers and the tank and there was a tight enrage timer which made for a tough dps check.  If everything goes well, the […]