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Instance Tanking Gear Guide levels 70-75

My little Cowtank Onyxhorn dinged 68 two nights ago, so my goal of hitting 70 by December 1st (which is my birthday and the day that I will acquire WotLK) would appear to be right on track. However, I’lll BARELY be 70 and WON’T have the benefit that many long-time lvl 70 tanks will have […]

How’s your leveling progressing?

So here it is, the first patch day since the Wrath release and I wonder how everyone is fairing so far? We already have a few 80’s in our guild, but I’m far behind that. I managed to ding 73 yesterday and with luck, I will hit 74 tonight. I cleared out the quests in […]


The 40 man version of Gluth was probably one of my favorite fights in the game.  There was a lot going on and everyone was involved.  It reminded me of a symphony were there are two different themes going on in two different parts of the room and every 105 seconds they would crash together […]

Everything you ever wanted to know about Demo Shout

Max rank Demo Shout gives a reduction of 410 AP Max rank Demo Roar gives a reduction of 408 AP Max rank Curse of Weakness gives a reduction of 478 AP    All of those spells have talents to increase their effect.   With max talents Demo Shout – 574 Demo Roar – 571 Curse […]