Fresh Level 80 Tips

Not necessarily in order:

- The leveling order is Howling Fjord / Borean Tundra – Dragonblight – Grizzly Hills – Zul’Drak – Sholazar Basin – Storm Peaks – Icecrown. As a rule of thumb, try to do as many quests as possible in a given region before proceeding to the next.

- The instance order is Utgarde Keep – The Nexus – Azjol-Nerub – Ahn Kahet (The Old Kingdom) – Drak’Tharon Keep – Violet Hold – Gun’Drak – Halls of Stone. The remaining four instances (Oculus, Halls of Lightning, Culling of Stratholme, Utgarde Pinnacle) are level 80 instances.

Utgarde, Azjol-Nerub, Ahn Kahet, Violet Hold and Halls of Stone do not require prequesting. Nexus and Gun’Drak require partial prequesting so that you can get all the quests out of it (for Nexus, just do all the quests on Coldarra if you’re interested. For Gun’Drak, I don’t know, I didn’t do the quest myself). As far as Drak’Tharon is concerned.. I don’t remember. I know that I did at least one quest inside that was the result of a LONG chain of quests (offered by some troll, Drakuru I believe, who is in a cage in a camp formed by the same people involved in the Zul’Aman timed runs (the prisoners) as well as Budd (who has become a quite interesting NPC. Remember when you do the quest that involves taking him for a stroll that you have to activate your pet bar, in case it doesn’t activate by itself). I don’t remember exactly where the camp was, but you’re definitely going to get there while you’re questing in Grizzly Hills.

- Zul’Drak contains an arena which can be done at level 75. Get the prequest in the sewers of Dalaran, get his quest, get a 5 man group together, and do it. It gives a HUGE EP boost, just like the Nagrand arena back then. The bosses don’t hit hard, with the final one (the guy that comes charging in with his rhino), be sure to tank him with your back against the wall while he’s mounted. As soon as he dismounts, someone who is not the tank or the healer needs to mount the rhino (yes, you can hijack his mount) and bash him with it.

- Probably a very obvious hint, but as soon as you turn 77, immediately grab Cold Weather flying, either in Sholazar Basin (Pilot *I forgot his name* in a camp a ways east of Nesingwary’s camp), or in Dalaran, near the flight master. It’s 1000 gold, but it’s definitely worth it. Most quests in Storm Peaks after a while cannot be done without a flying mount. Same goes for Icecrown. Sholazar can be done entirely on land, but it’s definitely handy to have an (epic) flying mount on hand.

- Remember that most of Dalaran as well as Wintergrasp are no-flying zones. If you’re one of those people that like to turn on autowalk and go AFK while travelling from one location to the other, either plan your routes so you don’t fly over those two locations, or consider using the flight paths.

- Speaking of Dalaran, you can enter the city via a crystal just below the city. Look for a dome (a shield you might say) slight west of the central point of the city. Click on the crystal, and up you go! Another way to get there is to talk to some archmage in Wintergarde (eastern Dragonblight) as soon as you’re… 74, I believe. He will teleport you *directly* to Dalaran, where you can then proceed to assign your hearthstone to. Dalaran is a beautiful city (I never get tired of the soundtrack). You’ll know what I mean the first time you fly off of the flight platform and turn around.

- A few more notes about Dalaran. If you went very early and you don’t have any flight connections, or you’re just extremely cheap like I am sometimes, you can exit the city by entering the building on the other side of the road of the building that leads to the flight platform. Click the crystal inside and you’re back down in Crystalsong Forest. There are profession teachers scattered throughout the city. Remember also that there are two banks. And, for future reference, know that you do not turn in your emblems at a single location as you did in BC; rather, you go to the weapons store, the cloth armor store, etc etc, and the person (or one of the people) inside will offer those items for sale.

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