How’s your leveling progressing?

So here it is, the first patch day since the Wrath release and I wonder how everyone is fairing so far? We already have a few 80’s in our guild, but I’m far behind that. I managed to ding 73 yesterday and with luck, I will hit 74 tonight.

I cleared out the quests in Howling Fjord and then headed over to Borean Tundra. I have been leveling as Fury and have had zero downtime for the most part. I did try out Arms briefly, but after 10 minutes of the spec, I headed back to Orgrimmar to spec back Fury. Without Bloodthirst, the need for eating/bandaging between fights pushed me away.

I have not been to any of the instances as of yet. I have a few quests ready for Utegarde Keep and Nexus which I will hopefully knock out tonight.

So how are things going with you? Are you pushing hard for 80 or taking a more leisurely stroll through Northrend


  1. Level 72, half way to 73. I’ve cleared through Howling Fjord and am working on Dragonsblight.

    Like you, I’m behind the curve in my raiding guild. things that slow me down:

    – I love the lore, so spend time reading the quests.
    – I can’t pass up an herb node
    – Even worse, I can’t pass up a fish swarm
    – Lots of chatting with friends as I go.

    My guild resumes raiding on December 14th and I’ll be 80 by then…. but for now I’m not in any rush.

  2. Sitting pretty at 68.5 on the warrior and 70 on the Druid. Going to go ahead and use the time I have between now and when I pick up WotLK to finish getting the Warrior to 70 and (hopefully) get Fishing/Cooking up to speed on him, as well as build myself a flying machine. Then once I get WotLK, it’s off to Howling Fjord and back to the turbo grind (all while paying as much attention to the lore and my skills as possible!)

  3. Leisurely stroll for me! I hit 73 on Sunday, haven’t played her since. I have tanked both UK and The Nexus and the latter gets my thumbs up. Very fun fights in there, and beautiful instance. Like Karthis I can’t pass up a node or a fishing pool, and I have completed all quests in HF and am now in the very gorgeous Dragonblight.

    I am leveling protection, and it’s amazing. Zero downtime, and I feel invincible.

  4. Yep, I’m somewhere inbetween the 70s and the 80s in my guild right now. We have plenty of time before we resume raiding. Everytime I get competetive and try to speed up, I find myself getting frustrated because I’m missing the stories & the beautiful content: rushing through somewhere as gorgeous as dragonblight, for the first time, just so I can level quicker??? I have more fun when I slow down and just spending time looking around, working professions and doing all the instances as I go. Its been a blast.

  5. 71. Most of the ppl on my friends list are 73-74. I’ve played a DK a bit and am also enjoying the scenery in Howling Fjord as well as reading most of the quest texts. It’s just so much better of an xpac than TBC and I really want to enjoy it. I’ll be 80 soon enough, no need to rush.

  6. I hit 80 last night. That’s about 12 hours from date of posting (different timezones). At the beginning I was grinding instances and questing in between the search for groups; however, that turned out to be very inefficient compared to the pure leveling speed of most freaks out there. A DK turned 80 while I was still 76 (on Saturday evening local time).
    So I switched to a pure questing method, quested everywhere, grabbed the quest for an instance, and did it once, maybe twice. The drops weren’t good for me anyway. The first real upgrades came with instances such as Halls of Lightning and Utgarde Pinnacle.

    Well, cap is reached, now it’s time to restart the whole reputation grinding. Yay!

  7. Pretty much the same as Shalandra. I intended to run instances to level but it turned out to be inefficient. The runs are fine but waiting for everyone to travel and get ready took up too much time. I went to questing 100% of the time and cut my leveling time to 8 hours per level. It took an hour or so less than that to get from 77-78 since being able to fly cut out a lot of travel time. I should hit 79 tonight and 80 by Friday night.

  8. I’m only 72 yet, but a lot of real life is getting in the way. ;p