Huge and massive pre-raid gear guide

I went through all the WotLK dungeon loot tables and got my shopping list set.  I don’t plan on spending much time in dungeons while leveling which means the loot I pick up on the way to 80 will be mostly green quest rewards so I will probably hit 80 wearing much of the same gear I have at 70.  Based on my list though, there are only 4-5 pieces of level 70 gear that will see much/any use at 80.  The list I put together is what I think will work the best for jumping into a raid and performing well as soon as possible.

 I think the best helm out there is Arcane-Shielded Helm which drops from Grand Magus Telestra in heroic The Nexus.  The second best option is Helm of the Ley Guardian which drops from Ley Guardian Eregos in The Oculus.  Ley Guardian is a really good helm and it is probably better if you are struggling to be crit immune because it has nearly twice as much defense, but its big downfall is the lack of a meta socket.

 Chained Military Gorget is the best neck piece and it is costs 25 badges of heroism.  There are a few drops from Naxx10 that are sidegrades from the gorget (Medallion of the Disgraced and Amulet of Autopsy), but there isn’t a real upgrade until Heritage and Boundless Ambition in naxx25.  I also like Burning Skull Pendant which is a BoE item that drops from trash in heroic Gun’drak if for some reason you can’t spare the badges for the Gorget.

There are a lot of options for shoulders but I think Iron Dwarf Smith Pauldrons (General Bjarngrim in heroic Halls of Lightning) are the winner.  If you have enough defense and want a more threat oriented piece, then I think Pauldrons of the Lightning Revenant (Ionar in Halls of Lightning) are a good option.

 I think Cloak of the Enemy (Stoutbeard in heroic The Nexus) is an excellent choice.  Tattered Castle Drape (BoE from trash in Utgarde Keep) is another very strong option, but the hit rating and shield block value cancel each other out in terms of threat generation so you are looking at 11 strength versus 13 defense and I think the defense wins that battle.  But, if you are easily crit immune already, the Tattered Castle Drape will give you a little more bang for your buck.  Cloak of Flowing Command (Salramm the Fleshcrafter in Stratholme) is a decent option but I personally have never been a big fan of cloaks (or rings for that matter) with bonus armor on them.  I haven’t done the math, but I would guess you get more effective health out of the 27 more stamina on the other two cloaks than the 359 more armor on this one.

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