Frogger is maybe the greatest boss fight in all of Naxxramas.  It drops no loot but offers epic lulz.  After Patchwerk but before Grobbulus there is a section of hallway with 3 (or 4?) lines of green slimes that are moving perpendicular to the hallway.  They move pretty slowly and are spaced far enough apart that it’s not too difficult to avoid them.  There is also enough space between the lines for you to stop and wait before moving through the next line.  It’s like the designers added a little tribute to the classic game Frogger.  And here is the really fun part: if you screw it up and get too close to a slime, the slime explodes and kills you… instantly.

A helpful shaman can drop totems in the slimes’ path and they will explode on the totem to create a large space for people to run through and a helpful pally can bubble and run straight into the slimes to destroy them, but what is the fun in that?

Its much more fun to tell people that have never been to Naxx before that if they run directly into the slime they will get a buff that really helps with the next boss – just like looking through the window behind Golemagg to see Ragnaros.  But you can really only do that once and then people will be on to you so you have to be more creative if you are going to get your guild mates killed.  If you stealth or shadowmeld near the slimes, they will stop and ‘look’ at you which screws with the timing.  Dropping a repair bot in the path of the slimes is also a crowd favorite.  But nothing was better than when snowballs did a knockback when you threw them at friendly targets… the carnage was epic.

So there you go, everything you need to know about Frogger.  I am sure some of you will use this information for good and will make sure a bubbled pally clears the path or a shaman drops totems.  And I am sure some will use the information for evil.  I personally m going to try to kill as many of my guild mates as possible.  That’s just how I roll.