Prot PVP

For the last day and a half I have been hanging out in the battlegrounds quite a bit and I’ve gotta say, its been awesome.  If you haven’t tried it yet, I strongly recommend it.  The build I have been playing with is

Admittedly, I have a pretty big advantage because I can wear 4 pieces of T6 and 4 pieces of gladiator gear, but even without the T6, prot can be very potent.  I am wearing 50/50 pvp and pve gear so my resilience is only at 260, but it gives me 25.5% crit and 1839 AP unbuffed and 15.3k hp.  But with talents my devastate, shield slam and heroic strike all gain another 15% crit for 40% crit on my big damage abilities.

With those kind of offensive stats I have as much burst as an arms warrior and with shockwave, imp revenge, concussion blow and imp disarm, I get a ton of control that you don’t get with arms.  Add in warbringer to break snares and I am also much harder to control than an arms warrior.

Before the 3.0 changes a prot warrior could usually kill any other melee class but it would take a while.  Now its a joke.  A prot warrior just destroys other melee.  And since a prot warrior can break snares, you can kill most casters as well.  The only thing that gives me trouble is well played hunters and healing priests and shaman.

I am having so much fun with it I just had to post about it.  If you haven’t tried it yet, you really should.


  1. How about frost mages?? You having any trouble with them?

  2. Warbringer plus trinket and multiple stuns make it interesting =)

  3. This is pretty much the exact build I am using for prot PVP, with one exception. I move 2 points from Improved Disciplines to Puncture to help with the Devastate spam!

  4. I think if I were doing arena I would definately put points in puncture instead of disciplines, but its great being able to use shield wall more often when running flags/defending nodes etc.

    As for mages, they all seem to be arcane lately… But like Bizzam said, with warbringer I can usually charge or intercept to the mage to stay on top of him or if both those are on CD, I can intervene away and if thats on CD as well, I still have a trinket or I can just spell reflect the shatter combo.

    1v1 against a frost mage as arms, the mage has a HUGE advantage and the warrior is only going to win if he vastly outgears the mage (and even then a smart mage can still kite you) or if the mage makes a big mistake. But as prot, I feel like you are at least on even footing – you can actually win the fight instead of hoping and praying that the mage screws it up.

  5. I’m pretty new to tanking, a prot pally. I just got a glyph that makes Flash of light into a HoT, and I was thinking it might be a small but nonetheless present boost to threat generation. If you cast it then charge in with your avenger’s shield, it ticks for ten seconds, that’s a little extra threat to build passively. Am I right or crazy?

  6. EDIT: Yes, I’m aware overhealing doesn’t count. You’re going to get hit soon enough anyway

  7. I’ve been PVPing as a Protection Warrior the last few days, and it’s quite amazing. I’d say that really, tanks are going to do some serious hurt. Just finished an Eye of the Storm there, and pretty much stunlocked a few players. The gag order is amazing against spellcasters, you don’t even need to interrupt a spell now, you can silence them completely for a few seconds, which is more than enough time to inflict some serious damage before they can blink away. Add a stun to that, and a protection warrior will chew up and spit out mages 1v1.