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Complete Plate Item List

MMO-Champion has posted up complete items lists (excluding set items). Here’s the complete plate list: Happy hunting

Min/max at the vendor

While leveling up bagspace is usually at a premium.  It may have been my imagination but it seemed like a lot more quests were giving rewards than they did when going from 60-70.  Most of it isn’t worth hanging on and unless you can disenchant it, your only options are to vendor it or let […]

Fresh Level 80 Tips

Not necessarily in order: – The leveling order is Howling Fjord / Borean Tundra – Dragonblight – Grizzly Hills – Zul’Drak – Sholazar Basin – Storm Peaks – Icecrown. As a rule of thumb, try to do as many quests as possible in a given region before proceeding to the next. – The instance order […]

Instance Tanking Gear Guide (Levels 75-80)

Continuing my last article which featured all the pieces to keep your eyes out for from the moment you step off the zeppelin/boat, we pick up the Northrend Pre-Heroic Instancing Gear Guide with a look at Drak’tharon Keep, The Violet Hold, and Gundrak. Rochelle has already written up a great guide for those heading into […]