How Appropriate

Given Halloween and all, this entry from Tanking Tips is a sad reminder of friends we no longer have with us:



  1. Shalandra says:

    The situation is not that tragic. All three elements were components of warrior tanking dating back to MC (Magmadar, the second boss, was the first boss that required stance dancing). Crushing blows were really something that made a difference starting in BWL, and, speaking from personal experience and from what I’ve learned from others at the time, most did not even understand what it meant. We knew about crits; we knew that Broodlord would one-hit a tank if his MS critted, but that’s about it.
    Threat is gone? I don’t know why everyone keeps saying that. Raid stats show me doing 600 or so DPS, but TPS is around and over 2000, reaching about 2400 sustained when fully raid- and self buffed and facing a hard-hitter that does not stun. Yes, the amount of threat per damage has been lowered, while the pure amount of damage has increased. What’s there to complain? We can actually contribute to the raid’s DPS instead of being laughed at by clueless DPSers that think that after 3 years of having heard the “ahahah the tank is trying to do damage” jokes we still think they are funny. Plus, solo farming has become incredibly more viable, as has PvP. Why complain?

    Stance dancing involved breaking fear and intercepting. Unless you specced tactical mastery (a no-no), you had 10 rage once you switched stance to do something, or 0 if you did it to intercept (since intercept costs that much). Now, with warbringer, you have all your rage remaining with you. I personally don’t think of it as a simplification, I think of it as an opening of new possibilities.

    Crushing blows killed a lot of tanks that did not understand the concept and still killed tanks that understood them but were unable to push them off of the table, or were just plain unlucky. Without them, the learning curve for new tanks is less steep and prone to WTF just happened moments, which equals to more tanks coming around. All those PUGs need tanks (they’re literally BEGGING for tanks in our LFG chat..), why not give some to them? Why should anyone shy away from tanking? It’s a wonderful position if taken seriously and if you accept the responsibilities associated with it (plus we won’t be forced to do heroics until our fingers bleed anymore :> ).

  2. Truth be told, I don’t think Threat should be up there anymore and I plan on making a post soon detailing why I feel that way.