First Level 80 Tanking Experience

Blizzard finally opened up the ability to copy pre-made characters. This was done primarily for PVP purposes, but I thought it would be worth trying out as a tank.

I copied my character over and spent the time setting up hotkeys, macros, spec’ing etc. I went with a deep prot spec to give it all a whirl. Gear was all PVP gear, but it had nice resilience.

So I loaded up, joined LFG and waited. It didn’t take long before I found a group looking for a tank.

“Halls of Lightning, LFM!”

I jump in and away we go. First off, this dungeon is nicely done. It was fun, boss encounters were interesting and the trash wasn’t too bad. I didn’t get a time on the run, but I estimate it took a little over an hour.

Let’s just say that my first impressions are that prot is going to get nerfed a bit. For about half the dungeon I was the #2 on DMG according to recount, but eventually finished above the healer, but not too far below the others. It was nice, and let’s hope it stays as it, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

First up, Heroic Throw is quite possibly my new favorite Wrath ability for tanking. It is basically a built in Decapitator with an a silence component built in. I was hitting for about 1k with it and it made pulling very nice.

Next, my overall tanking experience was one of great joy. Multi-mob pulls were a cinch to handle and with liberal use of Shockwave , Thunder Clap, and Concussion Blow, there was little need for CC.

A quick aside on CC. In case you missed it, Paladins and Shaman both got new CC abilities in Wrath, so CC, should you need it, should be fairly easy to come by.

All in all the dungeon run was enjoyable, if not a bit too easy. Granted it was on normal, but it was our first time in and we only had 1 wipe on the first boss due to a bad pull. We also were all in the given PVP gear, much of it epic.

All in all, I like what I see and am looking forward to the expansion!

Gear and stats for level 80 PVP premade Warrior

Gear and stats for level 80 PVP premade Warrior


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