Time for Fury

Rampage is totally different. The new version no longer includes an AP increase, instead, when you score a crit, the entire party or raid gets an additional 5% melee crit. That sounds great, but (correct me if I am wrong) Leader of the Pack is also raidwide and it doesn’t stack with Rampage. Since you almost always have a feral druid somewhere in your raid, this talent is becomes quite dumb.

Bloodsurge (3 ranks) – Bloodthirst crits have a 33% chance to make your next Slam instant cast. I honestly can’t decide if this is good or not. Does instant Slam reset your swing timer like regular Slam? How does the swing timer even work when you are dual wielding? Does slam reset the main hand swing only or both hands? Depending on how this works with your swing timer, it seems to me like it will be anywhere from terrible to ‘meh’. If it messes with your swing timer for both hands while you are hauling 2 big slow 2-handers around, then it could be a pretty awful talent. If the effect on your swing timer is minimal (MH only) that would be better but still only ‘meh’ because it requires a Bloodthirst crit to be activated. So every 6 seconds (Bloodthirst cooldown) you have a ~30% (or whatever your crit % is) chance to get an instant Slam which translate roughly to 3 per minute. Not bad, not great either.

Unending Fury (5 ranks) – Reduces the rage cost of Cleave, Whirlwind and Bloodthirst by 1 (stacks to 5) and gives your Enraged Assault a 6% (stacks to 30%) chance to refresh the cooldown of Bloodthirst. If Titan’s Grip is leaving fury warriors with a lot more rage issues than ever before, then this is pretty nice. But, in TBC, a fury warrior in a proper melee group has more than enough rage to do anything he wants. So this may end up having the same problem as the Bloodthirst change – its nice, but it doesn’t increase damage.

Titan’s Grip – Dual wield 2 handers. This has been reduced to a 1 point talent and the swing speed penalty has been removed. Finally this talent is good. As far as I can tell, this is the most exciting thing that is going to be happening to warriors in the expansion… and it only took 3 tries for Blizzard to make it good

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  1. sheldreyn:

    Blood Craze
    6 % won’t be that much, but I guess they chose that value to match DK’s vendetta (which was 6 % at the time). I do hope they will also fix the refresh issue, consecutive crits refresh the timer without letting it tick.

    Used to be 40% is now 15%, we can safely say that along with Soul Link, this is one of the most nerfed ability that WoW has seen

    Death Wish
    I really liked DW’s fear immunity, it was awesome in some fights like Nightbane. I do hope they will drop the damage taken increase

    Intensify Rage
    3.5 minutes recklessness, 2 minutes Death Wish You bet ! Nice talent

    Given all the other buffs, fury had, I am even suprised the healing part of BT got changed. It’s a good thing, they increased it, I mean 30 HP per hit, what a joke it was.

    Furious Attacks
    I’m tempted to QQ on this one, as this is an outright steal to arms’s staple PvP talent. Yes fury needed help in the PvP department, did they needed MS to be viable ? I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure the dev could have come up with something better than giving them MS to fix them, but well, this seems to be the plaster for every class (MS shot, MS totem, MS Weapons…)

    Heroic Leap
    Once the targetting issue will be fixed, this talent will definitely rock. It will help fury’s mobility ans also provide them with a small (short duration) AoE CC, given the rage : HL –> Int Shout, now that’s what I call a fear bomb :D

    Ghostcrawler (a dev) explained that they want to provide interchangeability between classes. For example the Crit Aura from a fury warrior or a feral druid. The attack speed reduction of a warrior or Curse of Weakness. They want to do this in order to have “must have” classes. This is a good change, can’t wait to try it out.

    Since it gets instant, I think it won’t reset the timer. I haven’t tested it yet though.

    Unending Fury
    Doesn’t sound very attractive, might be worth a try though

    Titan’s Grip
    I’m sure this will be proved to be amazingly overpowered once lvl 80 raid gear will appear on the servers. Expect a looooonnnngggg series of nerf of every abilities except TG

  2. littletank:

    call me a tard but i have so much rage i never worry about a swing timer. also the rampage thing is gay i like my AP buff, but LoTP is a ranged buff so it is kind of silly as well, i have be side by side with my citty friend (in his party as well lol) and did not have it. as a hole though from what i have heard from thoughs with batas warrios are getting a nerf for every buff they get, so way to go bliz!

  3. Bizzam:

    Using a swing timer isn’t about rage consumption, it’s about maximizing your DPS.

    Bloodsurge I can confirm that this DOES NOT reset your swing timer. It basically turns your next Slam into an instant attack.

    While the healing from Blood Craze and Bloodthirst don’t really sound all that great on the surface, they will allow you to solo quite effectively meaning non stop pulling and killing while leveling. It remains to be seen if it will be useful at all once you hit 80.

  4. littletank:

    all a furry warriors stuff is instant or on next sting ie. HS or cleave so no swing timer lol, arms is a hole nothere story though

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