WotLK talent review

I am not in the beta. Since I have not played a warrior in the beta with the new talents/skills, maybe I shouldn’t draw conclusions about them. But I am going to do it anyway. All the information I gathered is from mmo-champion and then I drew my own conclusions from there. For the most part, I am pretty unimpressed by the warrior changes and if things don’t change, I will probably play another class in the expansion.


Taste for Blood (3 ranks) – Whenever your Rend ability causes damage, you have a 10/20/30% chance of allowing the use of Overpower. This is actually kind of nice. Now there is a reason to use Rend.

Justified Killing (2 ranks) – You gain 3 rage every time you parry an attack. Before I say anything else about this talent, I have to say that I think the name is really stupid. Moving on, Its purely a PVP talent because an arms warrior should never be attacked in PVE and therefore will never have a chance to parry. Its not a bad talent for PVP except that I don’t think I have ever seen/heard warriors asking for a talent like this (not in the arms tree at least).

Mace Specialization – Gives your melee attacks a chance to generate 10 rage. That means no more mace stuns. Which in turn means that mace are now obsolete. Swords will be better for PVP and it will be a toss up between axes and swords in PVE. Nobody is going to use maces ever again.

Sudden Death (3 ranks) – Melee crits have a 10% chance to allow you to execute regardless of your targets health. This is a terrible talent. Good warriors almost never use Execute. In PVP, you need to be absolutely sure that Execute is going to kill your target or else you are left standing there with no rage to pummel or reapply hamstring or mortal strike. In PVE (and PVP), Execute doesn’t do enough damage to be useful. The damage from Execute is a fixed number (925 at max rank in TBC, 1665 at max rank in WotLK) plus more damage based on how much rage you have. The damage is not modified by weapon damage and it is not modified by attack power. So if you have reasonably good gear, you need at least half a rage bar to do as much damage with Execute as you would do with Mortal Strike or Bloodthirst. And if you have half a rage bar, then you can use MS and HS or WW and do more damage than the execute. This talent is like the current version of Improved Rend – it improves a crappy ability that nobody uses.

Unrelenting Assualt – Used to be worthless but with the recent addition of Taste for Blood, this talent is now useful.

Improved Slam – Recently moved out of the fury tree and moved up 2 tiers. This never fit in the Fury tree and should have been in Arms all along. Its a good change to an old talent which makes it hard to get excited about.

Strength of Arms (2 ranks) – Increases total strength and stamina by 2/4%. This is pretty nice except is was nerfed down from 10%.

Blood Frenzy – This was also nerfed, now it only increases damage by 1/2% instead of 2/4%. It was also moved farther up the talent tree.

Trauma (2 ranks) – Normal melee crits increase the effectiveness of bleed effects on the by 15% for 15 seconds. This will be a very nice raidwide dps buff. Unfortunately, this is very deep in the Arms tree and picking it up means you cannot put points into Flurry which is pretty crucial to Arms warrior PVE dps.

Wrecking Crew (5 ranks) – Melee crits have a 20% chance Enrage you, increasing all damage caused by 3% (stacks up to 15%) for 12s. This is a pretty good talent. Like trauma, it is very deep in Arms which precludes you from gett Flurry. But if you have reasonably good gear, you will be probably be permanently enraged which should make up for the damage loss from Flurry.

Bladestorm – Whirlwind every 1.5 seconds for 6 seconds, you can move but you can’t do anything else for the duration, can’t be stopped, feared, stunned, etc. I thought this was dumb when I heard about it on the Alpha and I still think its dumb. It will be a nice burst of damage, but the 90 second cooldown means that it will be far from crucial to your DPS cycle in PVE. It was recently changed from a 4.5 second duration to 6 seconds which made it go from a bad PVP ability to completely and utterly terrible. Since you can’t do anything else which Bladestorming, hamstring is going to fall off your target, mortal strike is going to fall off your target and you are going to be unable to make any defensive plays like fear, spell reflect, disarm or intervene, and you won’t be able to pummel or intercept to stop a cast.

Some of the talents are pretty decent: Taste for Blood + Unrelenting Assault, Wrecking Crew and Trauma. But a lot of the talents look pretty terrible, especially the 51 point talent. And when the 51 point talent is awful, it kinda overshadows any good things in the tree.

Too keep this from turning into an absolutely massive post, I am going to split the different trees into different posts


  1. fustigator says:

    Justified Killing (2 ranks):
    This appeared when Stalwart Protector dissapeared from deep protection. Hopefully Blizzard will come to it’s senses and put it where it belongs. Currently it’s so deep in arms you’d have to give up either some of Cruelty or Shockwave to get it for tanking. Riiiiight.
    Unrelenting Assault might be a handy talent to pick up if you want to stay arms but need/want to tank(or off-tank) without respeccing. More Revenge can’t hurt. Only problem is now you won’t be spamming Shield Block all the time; You’d need a lot of block, parry, and dodge to make this work. Either that or a lot of incoming attacks.
    The only use I could ever see for Sudden Death is if you knew you had bloodrage available; or if for some reason you went this deep in arms and decided you needed to pull out a shield for spell reflecting a mage and your MS would suck with a 1hder.

  2. sheldreyn says:

    ok repost with less “”

    Taste for Blood
    is bugged, it does absolutely nothing currently. My guess is they simply forgot to flag it as NYI

    Justified Killing
    Will move back to a prot talent in the next build, I’m quite sure of it. This is a tanking talent, at least it screams it.

    Sudden Death
    I will simply never ever spec for it in its current state. Sorry but I am already rage starved, I won’t dump all my rage in an ability that doesn’t scale much. If it did allowed for a free execute (base dmg and still regardless of the target’s HP) on the other end, I *might* take it until I outscale it.

    Unrelentless Assault
    Could be great, could suck, it will depends mostly if the taste for blood really really allows for a full 5 seconds of Overpower availability (which could allow us to use it as much as 3 times if you have an excellent response time and low latency, but in most case it will still be 2 overpowers) if not I won’t put more than 1 point in it

    Improved Slam
    I really hope they will make slam stop resetting the swing timer, this would lower our dependence of using a swing timer mod. But I can live without such a buff

    Strength of Arms
    I don’t intend of taking this talent, so lackluster

    Blood Frenzy
    The former staple ability the 33/28 build has been nerfed pretty hard. Was it necessary ? Maybe, but still 2 pts for 2 %… they should make it 1 pt for 2 %

    Your druid and Rogues will love you for that just like they loved you for blood frenzy. Will that be enough to cover the BF nerf ? I doubt it but it’s still better than nothing I guess. It will still provide synergy with your own bleed effects

    Wrecking Crew
    I love it, however the loss of flurry makes your attack so slow that it gets hard to stack 5 times. The only occasion I could do so was when I was in Zerker stance and using the usual slam/ms/ww rotation something they seem to want to push out of. They’ll have to work it out. Maybe drop it to a 3 pts talents and provide 5 % per stack instead. Even then you wouldn’t have the effect up all the time.

    Self CC ? No thanks anyway the only PvE use I see would be for AoE packs