Wrath of the Lich King Preliminary Thoughts

Well, through a nice set of circumstances, I managed to pick up a Wrath of the Lich King beta key. I have had just a little time to start tinkering around and checking out the new talents, abilities and content.


The first thing I did was check out a few quests and mob slaying. I spec’d nearly full Fury, picking up Titan’s Grip and Heroic Leap. I was able to dual wield World Breaker and Gorehowl. Let me just say that coupled with the new Bloodthirst and Blood Craze, downtime was minimal, which was very nice. Dual wielding a couple of massive hard hitting 2 handers made short work of mobs as well. I was not afraid to wade into a group of 3, 4, or even 5 mobs and just go Whirlwind and Cleave crazy. Mobs would be falling left and right and Victory Rush was utilized to it’s fullest! Bloodsurge is also an awesome talent and near as I could tell, did not reset your swing timer when used. With a good crit chance, you’ll be getting free reactionary Slams in quite regularly.

Heroic Leap on the other hand is a Heroic Flop in it’s current state. About the only useful thing I found for it was using it to get away from mobs when I had bit off more than I could chew. I could not find any decent use for it in an offensive capacity.

But hey, enough about this dps crap, this is a tanking blog, right?


After playing around as Fury, I jumped at the chance to tank a couple of instances and try out our new tanking abilities. Let me just say, as far as 5 mans are concerned, I’m very happy with the changes. Our group tanking abilities have gone way up. Shockwave is great! And picking up Incite is a must if you plan on multi-tanking mobs (and who isn’t?). Not only that, but you now also have reduced cooldowns on Challenging Shout (3 mins), Mocking Blow (1 min, and usable in Defensive Stance), and Concussion Blow (30 sec) make it all the better.

I did a run of Utegarde Keep and The Nexus. Both were fairly trivial. Utegarde Keep had a max pull of 4 mobs and it was no problem maintaining aggro. Nexus has some pulls that can get larger, but even then we had no problems keeping them on the tank.

All in all, I’m very happy with how the entry levels for Wrath are shaping up. There are some talents that need some looking at though. While Sword and Board looks good on paper, I just don’t really see the benefit of this talent, not to mention it’s a 46 point talent that requires 5 points to upgrade to it’s full potential. I am going to look at running some numbers later to see just how good (or bad) this talent really is, but my gut instinct is that in it’s current form, you are much better off picking up 5/5 Cruelty instead.

If anyone else is on the test realms and looking for a tank or whatever, look up Bizztoo on Lich King Horde


  1. balloo33 says:

    hmm on the fury part, how was the attackspeed with titan grip? im afraid this will change fury alot :s
    on the tanking part im pretty happy with how its looking now. good changes to tanking both for prot and non prot warriors

  2. Attack speed is really slow. Like 4+ seconds per swing on each hand. In questing/grinding mode, you have mobs on you feeding you plenty of rage to BT and WW when up. I have not had a chance to try this out in a group situation where I would not be the one taking the damage and have heard reports that you end up rage starved in this situation.