Black Temple/Mount Hyjal vs Serpentshrine Cavern/Tempest Keep

Hello out there!

As my guild has just mostly dropped Tempest Keep from our roster to focus on Mount Hyjal, and is looking at dropping SSC too, to focus on Back Temple, so I think now might be the perfect time to have a quick look at the differences between the two sets of instances.

When we zoned into BT, the first thing I realised was that I didn’t know how the trash worked. I’d gotten so used to marking up and pulling the SSC and TK trash, that I forgot that you actually need to know that sort of thing. So I quickly pulled up the WoWWiki article. Immediately I noticed a distinct lack of strategy for each pull. That really bothered me, so I quickly starting reading the list of each trash mob’s abilities and devising a bit of a pull strategy “on the fly”. Turned out not to really need it. The trash in BT is very very forgiving and very very easy. Even the infamous double Coilskar General pack in front of Naj’entus was easily one-shotted. We took down Naj’entus after a couple of goes…it was a very interesting fight, the spine mechanic is very well done.

The trash to Supremus was even easier. None of the mobs hit particularly hard, there was an AOE pack where I took literally zero damage, the mobs were hitting for less than my block value. Considering that my spell damage trash set only has 295 block value, thats not inconsiderable.

Supremus gave us a lot more trouble. We had big issues with people dying to volcanoes. Not entirely sure if it was a fault of them or a fault of our strategy, we’ll have to work on that.

After all was said and done, I had a great time in BT. The trash in Black Temple is the way trash should be. It takes up the time so you’re not just hopping from boss to boss, but its not a boss in and of itself. A couple of times doing Supremus trash, we accidentally pulled two packs. Now, we were completely unfamiliar with the trash, yet we effortlessly picked it up and tanked it. I love my raid group and I think we’re awesome but we’re not THAT good. If we pulled two packs at once in SSC or TK we’d wipe instantly. Its too unforgiving. All of the mobs have some annoying ability that can only be dealt with one at a time. Ask any SSC or TK raider and they’ll tell you that they absolutely detest the trash in there, especially SSC. Lurker’s trash? Not difficult at all, but there’s six platforms of exactly the same trash over and over again. Leotheras? Annoying trash, awkward room terrain, and close proximity to a boss does not make for funtimes. Void Reaver’s trash? Gigantic exploding robots of pain.

Basically, Black Temple does everything right. The trash is fairly simple, very forgiving of lapses in attention, which is good, because expecting people to pay solid attention not only for all boss fights but for trash as well is not really possible. Black Temple trash is challenging enough that you can’t slack off, but forgiving and easy enough that a lapse in attention for a few seconds isn’t going to wipe you.

We’ll be back in there tomorrow until Supremus and Shade of Akama die.



  1. Ooh new faces! Good article rather than Rochelle and Bizzy making me envious. I’m looking forward to progression posts :)

  2. littletank says:

    have to say it is nice to see progression posts as well, how about a hyjil post? we will start there this week he he he