Good Warrior Talents

Deflection – excellent avoidance for minimal expenditure. Druid tanks absorb damage and warriors avoid damage. This talent increases your avoidance and makes yu a better tank.

Improved Thunderclap – When you are fighting progression bosses you have two choices – make sure someone in the raid has a Thunderfury out at all times or have Improved Thunderclap. The attack speed reduction means that you are less likely to go splat. The increased damage also helps out a lot on a warriors weakest point – aoe tanking.

Improved Heroic Strike – In a rage rich environment in an ideal scenario you will be using HS for every single swing. Making HS more rage efficient means that you can use it more often and at a lower threshold. Being able to spam HS will push your threat through the roof.


Cruelty – Whether you are specced Arms, Fury, Prot, Hybrid, Resto, HARP, Deep Arcane or Destruction, you take cruelty. Critical strikes mean more damage and more threat. Since you are a prot warrior you only have 7-10% crit to begin with so this talent will be increasing your crit rate 50-100%. I cannot begin to tel you how vital cruelty is without devolving into the very basics of tanking and overall game mechanics. I assure you, you need this talent.

To clarify what I mean by a progression build vs an aggressive build:

Progression build is for when you are facing a brand new boss every week and he is going to be hitting you hard and trying to kill you. The progression build is all about keeping you alive as long as possible with as many defensive talents as possible. The ideal progression build is 8/5/47 with an extra point to put wherever you feel like it.

Aggressive build is for farm content. If your guild has been running Karazhan for 6 months with no end in sight and you are neven in danger of dying because you aren’t pushing the envelope of what your gear can handle, then you can forego a lot of the defensive talents in favor of some more aggressive ones. The aggressive build will increase your rage efficiency and threat generation. The ideal aggressive build is 12/5/44 and is what I currently use.

There are all kinds of different builds and for the most part they are all capable of getting the job done. As long as you have 14 points in protection, you can tank anything. One of these days I will have the balls to go raid as 0/0/14 without telling the raid leader just to see what would happen. A skilled player can make any spec work. I like to think I am skilled and I have played with many different specs and have done passably with all of them but the two I mentioned above were better than the rest. Your mileage may vary

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  1. Froth:

    I don’t agree that you only rate Devastate as a “Good” talent as opposed to a “Great” 1, and I certainy don’t see any reason why a serious Warrior tank wouldn’t take it, but that’s no biggie.

    I’d also like to take a moment to mention Anger Management, in the Arms tree. Anger Management, for 1 talent point, generates more rage per minute than the additional rage of Improved Bloodrage, which costs 2, you do not have to sacrifice health every time you use it, and it is “on” even outside of combat, which can potentially allow you to do subsequent pulls more rapidly on trash, because it slows the depletion of rage outside of combat. (That is, if you are like me, and relax a bit to let rage build when the last trash mob in a pull is almost dead.)

    Granted, rage starvation is far less of an issue for a progression tank, but I find the talent to be a worthwhile investment for anyone who is not leaning at deep endgame content, and perhaps even for those that are. I’m also guessing that you probably have it on your current build, since you say you have 12 points in Arms.

    I think you have a very good post here. Keep it up, and good luck! :)

  2. Rochelle:

    I rated devastate as only ‘good’ in comparison to shield slam which is ‘great’. Any serious tank will have both so its really just a matter of opinion.
    Regarding Anger Management, I don’t think it slows out of combat rage decay. It used to, but I don’t think it does anymore. I think it got changed in the Great Rage Normalization Debacle of 2.0.
    I think I wrote this post many months ago when my guild was done with progression. These days we are in progression mode so I have a more defensive build – 10/5/46

  3. Froth:

    Ah, I see. Glad to hear you are “back in the saddle”, so to speak. Agreed on the issue of whether Devastate is “good” or “great” , there is simply no reason if you are going that deep in Protection why you wouldn’t take it, and that Shield Slam is definitely the better of the 2 in terms of tanking talents.

    I’m almost 100% certain that AM continues to produce rage even out of combat (thereby slowing depreciation), but I have no proof at the moment, aside from my own experience and the tooltip. Perhaps I will check in later when I something a little more solid.

  4. tanner:

    yeah i do spam devistate with heroic strike when my shield slam is down but slam and revenge are more important than devistate i rank it as “good”

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