Curse of Recklessness Mechanics

Curse of RecklessnessOne of the often overlooked raid support curses in a Warlock’s arsenal is Curse of Recklessness

Curse of Recklessness Rank 5
160 Mana 30 yd range

Instant cast
Curses the target with recklessness, increasing melee attack power by 135 but reducing armor by 800 for 2 min. Cursed enemies will not flee and will ignore Fear and Horror effects. Only one Curse per Warlock can be active on any one target.

Before we can look at the benefits of this spell, we need to look at how raid boss attack power and armor work, and how they will be effected by this spell.

Obviously the more you can reduce a target’s armor, the more physical DPS you are going to generate. This is most helpful to melee and hunters. The generally accepted armor values for raid level bosses fall into two categories, 6200 or 7700 armor. See for details.

Bosses with 6200 armor
Base Reduction: 37% (6200 armor)
Sundered 5x: 2543% (3600 armor) – increase for Sunder: 18.36%
Faerie Fire: 22.07% (2990 armor) – increase for FF: 4.5%
CoR: 17.11% (2180 armor) – increase for CoR: 6.36%

Bosses with 7700 armor
Base Reduction: 42.17% (7700 armor)
Sundered 5x: 32.57% (5100 armor) – increase for Sunder: 16.61%
Faerie Fire: 29.84% (4490 armor) – increase for FF: 405%
CoR: 25.85% (3680 armor) – increase for CoR: 5.69%


The heavier your raid is on melee and hunters, the more benefit you will receive from Curse of Recklessness. Let’s not forget that this will also increase your tank’s DPS on the bos as well, thus increasing threat also.

Now, we’re also boosting the bosses Attack Power by 135, and that’s bad, right? Well, yes it is, but this boost can be easily offset as long as you have at least 1 warrior who is spec’d into 5/5 Improved Demoralizing Shout.

It is speculated that most raid bosses have approximate 330 base Attack Power. With an added 135 AP from CoR, we expect to have a raid boss to have somewhere in the neighborhood of 475 AP. A 5/5 Improved Demoralizing Shout will reduce the attack power by 420, thus leaving the boss with a modified 55 AP. (Source: )

In the end, in many raid encounters, it can be highly beneficial to use Curse of Recklessness on raid bosses, when you have the proper raid setup (5+ physical DPS and a 5/5 Imp Demo Shout Warrior). There are some bosses that it is advised to not use CoR on. Some raid bosses to consider NOT using CoR would be the following: Azgalor, Gurtogg Bloodboil, Essence of Suffering, and Mother Shahraz.  These encounters are some of which the added attack power that the boss receives would potentially outweigh the benefit of increased physical DPS.


  1. Speaking of overlooked support, have you considered another Warlock curse, Curse of Weakness?

    Same bennies as Demo Shout, but needing only 2 Talent to bump it to 420. Of course, since Curses are one-per-thrower, as are Shouts, it would take two Warlocks to get both Curses, which takes away from your nelee/Hunter participation. However, being Target-based, both Warlocks can plant the same – or other – Curses on other mobs.

  2. Yeah, it can be used as well if you have enough Warlocks. With the upcoming changes to CoE/CoS, that could free up another warlock to consider putting this up on harder hitting boss encounters.

  3. Rochelle says:

    The reason to use CoR is to maximize raid dps but if you use CoW as the offset instead of demo shout, then you are going to lose raid dps because you won’t have CoE or CoS. If you stack warlocks for a raid then the ones not doing CoR, CoE and CoS should use Curse of Doom before they use CoW. Having a warrior keeping up demo shout doesn’t result in any lost DPS.

  4. With the change to CoS to merge it into CoS, I could see CoW being a viable curse for hard-hitters such as Gorefiend