Managing Threat – Paladin Style

The other half of managing mana is when you have so much incoming damage, and thus, incoming heals, that you simply cannot spend your mana fast enough. Everyone loves to be in this situation. In this situation, what you want to be doing is hurling Judgments every cooldown without fail, Consecrating constantly, if the enemy boss is Undead, using Exorcism, and even, if your latency allows for it, weaving Avenger’s Shield and Hammer of Wrath in between the boss swing timer. If you want to go REALLY overboard, you can constantly recast Righteous Fury. It will dump a lot of mana and give you more threat from Spiritual Attunement gains.


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  1. typhoonandrew:

    I find mana always an issue when doing long-ish trash tanking, or instances which are for leveling characters, so now I gear for it. I use a boss set which is my best defense gear for Uncrsuh/uncrit/avoid. A trash set set which is still uncrit, but not stressed about being crushed. A lowbie tank set where stam/hit/spell dam/regen/dps are increased as you don’t need to be worried about the odd hit.

  2. Tyaera:


    I find that the best way to gear for trash is, rather than put on mana regen gear, just put on more spell damage.

    rather than giving you more mana to spend, it simply gives the mana you DO spend a more potent effect because you output more threat, and it means that if for whatever reason you suddenly find yourself with more mana you can put out some crazy threat.

    Gearing for regen is a valid method also, limiting the need to drink.

  3. balloo33:

    normally trash cant crush u if i remember correctly, so as a warrior i generally tend to ignore shieldblock unless its more hard hitting trash

  4. Urago:

    Correct Balloo. As I understand it a mob (or any creature, as I’ll get to in a sec,) must be at least 3 levels higher than its target in order to execute a Crushing Blow on the target. Therefore at lvl 70, the only way to be crushed is by a lvl 73+, which solely the land of Raid Bosses.

    This even works for players as during a runthrough of Normal Blood Furnace, while I was being controlled by The Maker (I was lvl 70), I dropped a Crushing Blow on a lvl 63 Fury Warrior for about 3k dmg. Rawr.

    But anyway, long story short, No need to worry about crushes from trash once you’re 70. It’s impossible for them to do so.

  5. Tyaera:


    thats quite interesting, I didn’t know players could perform crushing blows, even taking into account the mind control. I know you can’t crush players when you’re under your own power.

    there ARE exceptions to the crushing blow rule. The actual math for Crushing Blows is that the mob must have at least 15 weapon skill higher than your BASE defense skill. Your base defense skill is 350. A three level difference will usually result in a weapon skill difference of 15 (5 per level, just like players), but some mobs are tweaked to have higher or lower weapon skill.

    The Hellfire Warders in Magtheridon’s Lair can crush, they are level 72. Nalorakk, the Bear Avatar, does not crush, nor does Halazzi, the Lynx Avatar, both in Zul’Aman.

  6. Sumner:

    As a recent 70 tank, I have serious aggro issues when there is a well-geared DPS in the party… though I didn’t use righteous defense before (me bad — i should read more)

    Does the actually rotation order is important? I usually pull with avenger shield, then consecrate to aggro the lot (if more than 1 mob), then judge… and keep going on rotation… I’ll throw a judgment of wisdom somewhere to help getting mana if it’s a boss… otherwise it’s not that useful.

    I never thought about casing righteous fury when it’s still on though… i never imagine it would cause threat.

    Also, I was told by many, even though prot pallies have 1H sword specialization that I should use a 1H mace… which I now have and use, though I’m suffering through PVP to get the mace from Eye of the Storm right now.

    I also see many of you have many gear sets… is that really useful? I mean, bag space is always an issue even with all 16 slots bags when you are running in an instance… right now I’m full of blues, but I’m hoping to start kara/heroics to gain access to T4 and T5 gear.

  7. Tyaera:

    Sounds like you have the right rotation down, but for bosses, you should start off by judging Crusader. It will give you a huge threat lead.

    Any new 70 tank is going to have aggro problems with well-geared DPS in the party, the DPS just have to learn when to manage their threat.

    In a normal 5man, recasting Righteous Fury isn’t a good idea. It does give more threat from being healed and getting mana, but in a normal 5man, even in less-than-fantastic gear, you’re not going to be taking enough damage to sustain it. Recasting Righteous Fury is the thing that t5-t6 tanks do when tanking a hard-hitting boss who is a DPS race (such as Teron Gorefiend) to give every last bit of threat they can to the DPS.

    As regarding Swords vs Maces, it really doesn’t matter. Generally there are more spelldamage maces out there that are good for us, or that are easily obtainable, than spelldamage swords.

  8. Jimny:

    As a rather ‘fresh’ paladin tank, I can’t recall having too big issues with threat (not counting situations when I’ve been tanking normal ramparts at level 60ish with 70s epic geared dps team – can’t blame friends for helping, can you?).
    A real must-have for paladin tank is Holy Shield rank 1 / rank max macro – same goes for Consecration. It greatly helps you maintain mana pool. What have been decent rotation for me (threat/mana efficient) is: Av. Shield, Judge & Seal, rank max HS, rank max Cons. and then repeat with rank 1 Cons. instead. Also, in some situation HS should be superior to Consecration. For example, you have to pull mobs far back, or doing wall pull – you want to use HS rather than Consecration. Same when your mage does polly in wrong place.
    Once you accumulated enough threat, use rank 1 spells.
    Also, as I quite often see people with Continuum Blade, your main goal should be to get Merciless Gladiator’s Gavel – all threat problem solver for 5mans normal. Especially that it’s just 25k honor points now, which is nothing considering you don’t have much more gear to spend honor on as prot. paladin.
    Yesterday I did my first heroic run, and realised my major issue was watching my hp rather than mana – quite funny change I must say =)


  9. caleillis:

    “mash the ‘x’ button”?!? Really?

    Protip: healers need their mana. The return rate on the mana we spend for you to take that extra 20% damage and the mana you get back is total shit.

    Healers tend to run out of mana all the time, they’re making up for not only the encounter difficulty and gear level of the rest of the raid, but also the dps and tanks stupidity. Adding to the amount we need to heal is not good tanking practice.

    Please don’t do this.

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