UI Redux

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I don’t think I have ever looked at my UI and said, ‘Ok, now it’s done.’  Since the last time I made a UI post, I have made some changes.  The moat visible change was floating combat text.  For the longest time I used Blizzard’s floating combat text to keep track of incoming and outgoing damage and heals.  And it does a reasonable job for most classes and when I play my shadow priest, I still use it, but for a tank that is using every single GCD to do something and is getting spammed with heals and is taking damage all the time, it could get really really cluttered.  I tried to use SCT but the initial configuration wasn’t what I wanted and after messing with it for quite a while, I still hadn’t gotten it right.  After that I tried a mod called Parrot.  Right out of the box Parrot was almost perfect and with minimal messing around, I got it to show everything just how I wanted.  The big changes I made away from the initial setup were adjusting the scrolling speed so that it cleared off my screen quickly and I turned off all of the healing.  Making incoming and outgoing damage scroll quickly meant that it wasn’t cluttering up my screen at all but it was still easily discernable if I wanted to keep an eye on something.  The other change I made was to have any resists or immunities register the same way that crits do.  So when a tclap gets resisted, the “Resist” message pops up bigger than the normal scrolling text and it ‘sticks’ on the screen for a moment to make sure I don’t miss it.  It makes keeping debuffs on a mob a lot easier for me.   

I also use a mod called ClassTimer to keep track of the duration on things like tclap, sunder and demo shout.  The window for that is right next to the scrolling combat text so it is very easy to keep track of whether a debuff lands or not because it will either have the duration refreshed in the ClassTimer window or it will so “Resist” in big letters right next to that window.  ClassTimer also keeps track of self buffs in a window I put a little more out of the way.  Since the shouts have a much longer duration than my debuffs I don’t feel like I need that info to be as front and center. 

For things like the shouts I could just look at my buff bar, but in the middle of the fight when I have hots and temporary buffs coming and going constantly, it can take some time to find my shout and check the time on it which is why I like to be able to keep track of it separately from all my other buffs.   

Right at my feet I have an action bar that contains the most immediate cooldowns – revenge, shield block, shield slam, bloodrage and taunt.  Down towards the bottom of my screen I have another bar with other cooldowns that I want to keep track of but which aren’t as crucial as those 5.  Right below the action bar on top I have another bar for trinkets and consumables so I can keep track of their availability.   

Below those 2 bars is my swing timer and GCD spark, courtesy of a mod called Quartz.  I really like having those two things because they allow me to be a lot more deliberate in my button mashing.  Knowing when the GCD is going to turn over allows me to push my devastate button only once and at the right time instead of spamming it constantly.  The swing timer does the same thing for my heroic strikes.   

Directly beneath is my target of target frame.  If I want to check my HP/Rage I rarely look at my character frame on top, I almost always get that info from the target of target frame.   

Below the target of target frame is Omen but since the video is from AV, Omen doesn’t show up.  There is a setting somewhere that lets you make the new Omen look like the old Omen which in my opinion is more aesthetically pleasing and I only have it showing 4 bars because as a tank, I don’t need to know where every person in the raid is on threat, I only need to know if someone is getting close to me.  That means that my Omen window is pretty small.   

Underneath Omen is another action bar with longer/less important cooldowns on it.  I also have an action bar for switching weapons and my ‘shoot bow/shoot gun/throw’ macro tucked down there.   

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