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Let me tank!

Today’s guest poster is Tyaera, a Protection Paladin on the Dath’Remar server. Tyaera feels paladins just need a chance to prove their abilities when tanking end game bosses. Read on.. Being a paladin tank is kind of like wanting to push a square peg into a round hole. Quite often, before I joined my current […]

UI Redux

Untitled from Fake Name on Vimeo. I don’t think I have ever looked at my UI and said, ‘Ok, now it’s done.’  Since the last time I made a UI post, I have made some changes.  The moat visible change was floating combat text.  For the longest time I used Blizzard’s floating combat text to […]


With the friends and family alpha of WotLK there have been a bunch of ‘leaks’ for new talents and spells.  The exact same thing happened before TBC and has happened before a couple major content patches.  It is possible that these aren’t fake.  It is also possible that I am Abraham Lincoln and Robocop 3 […]

7/8 and holding.

I never got around to picking up a T6 helm.  At first it was a better upgrade for the hunters and shaman than it would have been for me so I passed on it.  Then it stopped dropping altogether.  Then I got the helm from Illidan so I really didn’t need the T6 helm and […]