Holy mother of AoE tanking

As I write this I am listening on vent to my guild doing Felmyst.  For the MT we use a druid.  Felmyst doesn’t have the same you-die-now bursts like Brutallus but he doesn’t mess around on tank damage either.  He is only on the ground and hitting the tank in phase 1.  In phase 2 he flies up in the air the fun really starts.  He targets a random person with a green beam that the person has to kite for a couple seconds and it leaves a green trail.  The trail will do a boatload of damage to anyone who stands in it but it also spawns a whole bunch of skeletons.  Think Nightbane on crack.  He does two green beams and each one spawns about 10 skeletons that hit for 800-1000 on plate.  It is basically a pally tank wet dream.  But for the last two nights we have been doing it our pally tank couldn’t be online for the first hour of raid so we had me and two druids trying to pick up all the skellies.  It wasn’t too bad once we got the hang of it but the learning curve was steep.  So the moral of the story is that it took three non pally tanks to do the job of a single pally tank.  Our pally eventually logged on tonight so me and the other druid got subbed out and we should get a kill tonight.

OMG a dragon

Edit: Got her.

“Wow, my shield is broken, I wonder when that happened”

– Our pally tank right after the boss died.