Tanking in new and exciting places

See that title there?  Yeah, its got two meanings.  I am tricksy like that. 

I stopped raiding a while back because I was going to join the Air Force (although I have more recently decided to do Navy instead).  It turns out that the application process for an officer takes a looooong time which leaves me able to raid.  I knew it would look awfully shady to my old guild if I stopped raiding while we were farming BT/Hyjal ad naseum and all of a sudden now that Sunwell was out I could raid again.  I also wasn’t crazy about the atmosphere in the guild, it felt stagnant and even if my coming back to raiding didn’t look shady, I would not have wanted to raid there anyway.  So I started looking elsewhere.  Which brought me to new and exciting place #1, a server called Moonrunner.

The last thing I wanted to do was go backward in progression so I made sure to hook up with progression raiding guild which brings me to new and exciting place #2, Sunwell Plateau (yes, I had to google ‘plateau’ to spell it correctly).

A screenshot of the fun that Sunwell brings –



For anybody keeping score at home, that is 52k damage in 2 seconds.  Needless to say, I died.  And here’s the rub: thats not a totally freak occurence, either me or the other tank took ridiculous bursts like that a couple times.  But at the end of the day he died (second kill for the guild, first for me) and I got me a new neck piece – http://wowhead.com/?item=34178


  1. littletank says:

    ok I have to ask what is you average TPS not burst, not best with max buffs just your average. I ask cuz you log tells that your SS hit for 1200, AA 127, revenge 308, and HS for 287. I certainly have those #’s and with good rage only rock 800 TPS and with great rage and great buffs maybe 1200 TPS but average in Kara is like 500-700 until bosses(yes I know over geared so shoot me). I use the same rotation we have completely discussed hear. yet most say it is very low TPS for end T4 early T5 content, yet no one but the OP lock (1200dps sustained and 1700dps burst op as hell for level of play) and one hunt pulls of me. any thoughts (yes I started a thread on TPS but after seeing this now I am really pissed off) or a explanation?

  2. Rochelle says:

    Its a good question and instead of making a discussion of it on the front page, I will take it to the forum.

  3. littletank says:


  4. Hey Rochelle, any chance you could give a run down on the UI Mods you are running in the above screenshot? Or better yet, maybe a devoted post about your UI?

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