Tanking in new and exciting places

See that title there?  Yeah, its got two meanings.  I am tricksy like that. 

I stopped raiding a while back because I was going to join the Air Force (although I have more recently decided to do Navy instead).  It turns out that the application process for an officer takes a looooong time which leaves me able to raid.  I knew it would look awfully shady to my old guild if I stopped raiding while we were farming BT/Hyjal ad naseum and all of a sudden now that Sunwell was out I could raid again.  I also wasn’t crazy about the atmosphere in the guild, it felt stagnant and even if my coming back to raiding didn’t look shady, I would not have wanted to raid there anyway.  So I started looking elsewhere.  Which brought me to new and exciting place #1, a server called Moonrunner.

The last thing I wanted to do was go backward in progression so I made sure to hook up with progression raiding guild which brings me to new and exciting place #2, Sunwell Plateau (yes, I had to google ‘plateau’ to spell it correctly).

A screenshot of the fun that Sunwell brings –



For anybody keeping score at home, that is 52k damage in 2 seconds.  Needless to say, I died.  And here’s the rub: thats not a totally freak occurence, either me or the other tank took ridiculous bursts like that a couple times.  But at the end of the day he died (second kill for the guild, first for me) and I got me a new neck piece – http://wowhead.com/?item=34178