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I have copied my character over to the PVE-US ptr and my character’s name is Lake if anybody wants to say hello

Upcoming Patch 2.4 Changes of Interest

NOTE:  None of the links and tooltips will work right now, but hopefully as the database sites get this info integrated, we’ll be able to provide direct links.  For now, has stats for all these items posted in screenshots! Patch 2.4 brings new content in Sunwell Plateau, as well as a plethora of new […]

New Design

So I’ve been working on a new design/layout. I haven’t decided if I really like this one or not… what do you guys think? [poll=3] Update:  Well, it looks like it’s a resounding dislike for the design.  Wish folks had mentioned it if was primarily the color scheme, or layout or both, but I’ll keep […]

WTB Feedback

I wrote one post about Gurtogg Bloodboil and one about The Lurker Below. A vast majority of wow players – and I would imagine that a majority of the readers here – have never seen Gurtogg and probably won’t ever see him (or at least not at level 70). But there are tons of people […]