WTB Feedback

I wrote one post about Gurtogg Bloodboil and one about The Lurker Below. A vast majority of wow players – and I would imagine that a majority of the readers here – have never seen Gurtogg and probably won’t ever see him (or at least not at level 70). But there are tons of people who have seen and will see Lurker. And that got me to thinking, would you guys rather read some tips and tricks that you can actually use in fights you actually do, or would you rather read about some BT and Hyjal fights that you may never see but are very cool nonetheless


  1. claudioccm says:

    hey, i really like to strategies on those hard to get bosses, but they are rather useless for me, since im back in the beginning of my career.

    i have OTed kara, until prince, and im starting a new group as a MT. thats had been a huge difference. I usually look for info on bosses in bosskillers.com but i´d really like to read some strategies from the guys i read almost everyday, if you have some other strategies then the ones in bosskiller, :)

    i´d also like to see some things about gruul´s lair, since it´s my next target.

    it´s fun to read about ZA or BT, but it´s just sooo far from me yet.

    thanx, great blog guys.

    my armory, for gear info http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Sentinels&n=Gigeer

  2. All of the above!

    I do like to read up on both. I like reading up on encounters I’m currently looking at, also like hearing about some encounters I plan to get to in the future.

  3. Well, we’ve cleared all of Kara but Nightbane and are hoping to down him this week, but we’ll still be in Kara for another couple of months as we work on getting 10 more people prepped and geared. Not sure what strategies there are to discuss for the Kara fights that haven’t been explained ad nauseum elsewhere, but I’d certainly welcome any fresh new ideas on the first raid available (and possibly the only raid many would-be raiders will ever get to see.) For me, personally, I’d like to see some info on the rest of the t4 raids – specifically HKM, Gruul and Magtheridon. There doesn’t ever seem to be much mention of Mags, which surprises me considering he pretty much IS the whole raid. I’d think he’d be hit all the time.

  4. I really enjoy the SSC/TK encounters I’m into now. I know it’s primarily the tank strat side of it, but occasionally I’m interested in thoughts of best party make up as well. Like, how many tanks/healers/DPS you recommend. I always like to know what each component is expected to do because I feel we’re almost like the quarterback of the raid, and need to be aware of everything taking place to act and react accordingly.

    Great stuff though, always checking in on this site at the office!

  5. Also, with patch 2.4 opening up BT and MH, it might be good to start giving tanking tips and howtos for those bosses, and maybe an overview post for each zone to talk about progression, trash and the like.

    It’s going to be interesting!