New Design

So I’ve been working on a new design/layout. I haven’t decided if I really like this one or not… what do you guys think?


Update:  Well, it looks like it’s a resounding dislike for the design.  Wish folks had mentioned it if was primarily the color scheme, or layout or both, but I’ll keep working.  I’m not heart broken, I don’t think I really liked it either, hehe.

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  1. Dryn:


  2. Dryn:

    Whew, much better. Sorry, the layout was ok, it was the overall “I’M SO ORANGE THAT YOUR MONITOR WILL NOW GLOW LIKE THE SUN FOR 3 HOURS AFTER YOU TURN IT OFF”-ness of the whole affair. At least that’s what it was for me..

  3. Bizzam:

    Thanks for the feedback Dryn =)

  4. Loon:

    New reader here… very nice blog :-) I like the current layout best: the new one had a colour that struck my eyes and was less readable (mixture of character size + line width). The current is IMO well polished.

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