New Design

So I’ve been working on a new design/layout. I haven’t decided if I really like this one or not… what do you guys think?


Update:  Well, it looks like it’s a resounding dislike for the design.  Wish folks had mentioned it if was primarily the color scheme, or layout or both, but I’ll keep working.  I’m not heart broken, I don’t think I really liked it either, hehe.



  2. Whew, much better. Sorry, the layout was ok, it was the overall “I’M SO ORANGE THAT YOUR MONITOR WILL NOW GLOW LIKE THE SUN FOR 3 HOURS AFTER YOU TURN IT OFF”-ness of the whole affair. At least that’s what it was for me..

  3. Thanks for the feedback Dryn =)

  4. New reader here… very nice blog :-) I like the current layout best: the new one had a colour that struck my eyes and was less readable (mixture of character size + line width). The current is IMO well polished.