How to: Lurker Below

I like the idea of what Bizzam did with the run down on how to tank all of the ZA bosses and I think I will go through of all the tips and tricks I know for tier 5 and maybe even tier 6 bosses. Bizzam covered Hydross already so I will skip that one and go straight on to Lurker. I want to focus on what the tank needs to do more than a whole overview on the strategy of the fight.

Lurker has 3 main abilities that he uses in phase 1 and he melees for somewhat high damage on the MT. The first ability is called Whirl and it will hit everyone in melee range for 3k or so and do a knockback. Geyser is a random secondary targetting spell that hits for 3.5k and does a 10 yard knockback to the target and anyone near the target. Spout is on a strict 45 second timer and it will pretty much kill anyone who screws it up. It does a ton of damage and has a huge knockback. If the damage doesn’t kill you, then the scalding water as you swim back to the raid will.

There are three platforms on the outside of the main ring in his room. In phase 2, adds will spawn – 2 archers on each of those outside platforms and 3 warrior mobs on the inner ring. Basic strategy is to kill the archers on the outside while you CC or tank the warriors on the inside and then you kill the warriors. After a certain amount of time or after all the mobs are dead Lurker will reappear and it is back to phase 1.

Everyone who has been into SSC has surely had someone accidentally fall into the water at some point and they will tell you that the fish in the water don’t mess around. They are elite and they will mess you up real fast. But if you clear the trash on the platforms above Lurker’s pool, then the water takes on an effect called Scalding Water and it kills all the fish. So if someone falls in after clearing the trash they don’t get attacked by fish anymore but they will take 500 damage every 3 seconds from the scalding water until they get out. Thats not really a big deal to heal through so the tank just jumps right in and the healers have to heal through a little extra damage.

Back in the day when the top guilds were learning the fight, it wasn’t obvious that clearing the trash killed off the fish, so a lot of the top guilds just did the fight with the fish in the water so you couldn’t stick the tank in there. Which meant the tank was up on the platform and could get knocked back by whirl and geyser which meant you needed to have another tank #2 on threat.

From the MT perspective, this fight is pretty easy. You just hang out in the water and try not to move. The only dangerous part is that whirl and geyser can sometimes knock you out of line of sight from your healers so after a whirl or geyser if you notice that the rhythm of healing is broken or if your healers say something like ‘omg you are out of line of sight!’, then you are probably out of line of sight. You can fix it but moving forward a bit and jumping. For phase 1 there really isn’t anything else to it. The OTs can just dps their little hearts out and wait for phase 2.

When phase 2 happens the adds spawn at the same spot every time and your raid leader should assign tanks to those spots. My guild sheeps the warriors and puts tanks on the archers to keep them from multishotting everyone. When doing that I like to stand on the spot where the warrior will spawn and hit it with a concussion blow before jumping to the outside platform. That way it won’t go one-shot some squishy before the mage finishes casting sheep. When you are tanking the warriors, you will want to stand on the very edge of the ring with the mob facing the outside because can cleave and kill people. It also helps to yell at anyone who gets too close.

The moment Lurker comes back up after phase 2, he will start to spout again so it is crucial that the MT be in the same spot as always so that spout happens in a predictable way. If the tank is out of position then Lurker will start his spout in a wierd place and will catch a lot of people off guard. If you are tanking a warrior that isn’t dead yet when phase 2 ends then you need to be ready to jump into the water to avoid spout even if the warrior is beating on you. They will hamstring the tank which makes it even more important that you are standing on the edge already since you won’t be moving quickly. If you have to go into the water with the warrior, you need to be ready to pop your cooldowns to stay alive because you will probably be out of line of sight of your healers until the spout passes by and you can get back on top.

Its a pretty simple 2 phase fight from a tank’s perspective and if you are lucky you will be rewarded with one of the best tanking weapons in the game – [item]Mallet of the Tides[/item]