Archives for February 2008

Quarter Life Crisis

I quit my job two weeks ago. Tomorrow is my last day. I am moving back home and then joining the Air Force (or maybe the Army, I haven’t decided yet). I will probably be playing a lot less once I get home (or maybe a lot more if I am particularly bored) and then […]

My favorite WoW boss

Allow me to introduce my dear friend, the second boss of Blackwing Lair, Vaelstrasz the Corrupt. Vael pops up a couple other places in the game (LBRS and UBRS) where he is friendly and helps you out, but when you see him in BWL it’s a different story. First, a quick rundown of BWL lore. […]

Hardest Boss in The Burning Crusade

Archimonde is requires near perfect play from 25 people for 7-10 minutes and is very harsh if you screw it up but it is possible to recover from a few mistakes. Once your guild is able to kill everything leading up to Illidan, he really isn’t that hard. Pre 2.1 Gruul was very hard but […]

Reliquary of Souls

When you zone into BT you start in the sewers and work your way up to the first boss, High Warlord Najentus. Then you climb out of the sewers and into a big courtyard with Supremus at the end of it. After Supremus your enter the foyer of BT and then there are a couple […]