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Prot Spec 5v5 Arena

Ask anyone if you can join their 5v5 arena team as prot spec and you’ll likely get laughed out of the room. Unfortunately, these people cannot see what a properly geared and played protection spec warrior can bring to the table. Don’t get me wrong, I do not think a prot warrior will ever make […]

Watching other people spec is hazardous to your health.

So I was sitting there in IF waiting for my arena queue to pop up. (2v2 queue ftl) and I saw one of the tanks from another one of the top guilds on my server.  I actually saw him wandering around earlier in what appeared to be pvp gear and now he was standing in […]

BEHOLD! User Interface perfection

WoW has a pretty unique user interface in that it is very easily manipulated. I haven’t played any other MMOs but according to things I have read on the internet, the UIs of other MMOs were pretty locked. Your UI is pretty important. As a tank there is an awful lot of information that you […]

You’ve got talents.

I think everyone who has every written a blog about their class has made a post about talents. Usually it about which talents are best for whatever particular task and I might do a post like that in the future, but this one isn’t it. The following talents are awful and you must have been […]