Archives for January 2008

Calzowned Downs A’lar

As one of our hunters aptly put it, phase 1 of the A’lar fight is for the prima-donna tanks who want all the spotlight.  Trying to be all fancy up on their pedestal and all.  At any rate, just a quick personal note that on our first real night of attempts on A’lar, my guild, […]

Executioner vs. Mongoose via

Veneretio has posted up his comparison of Mongoose vs Executioner. He does well enough to describe the pros and cons of each. In the end he had this to say about which one he feels wins out: Neither of them. Myself I prefer Mongoose’s combination of Threat, Avoidance and Mitigation, but I’d also not discredit […]

Don’t tank Aran!

Put on all your DPS gear, dual wield, Berserker Stance and Devastate away! #2 Dmg on Shade of Aran Since Aran does not have consistently expected aggro, there is not much need for ‘tanking’, just go nuts and kill him off before he has a chance to poly your raid! Don’t forget to Pummel your […]

Gearing up for Hydross the Unstable

I forgot to mention that my guild downed Lurker Below a couple of weeks ago. In doing so however, our sights are now set on Hydross the Unstable for our next target. This means it is time to get our resist gear for the encounter. At a bare minimum, we need a full frost resist […]