Being aware if Shield Block is being used

MercyRose, a priest, asks

Is there a mod to monitor when a tank has shield block up?

I don’t know of a mod that will alert you of when Shield Block is up or down, but it is an actual buff that can be seen on the tank’s buff bar.  You just have to keep an eye out for it!

So if that tank is telling you they are keeping up their Shield Block, and you’re not so sure, watch their buffs to see when Shield Block is active!

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  1. Yes it exist an addon what do so.

    “Power Auras” :

    This addon checks buffs or debuffs of yourself or of your target.

    I am tank and i use this addon in that way:
    If i have the buff “Shield Block” on my self, than in the middel of the screen appears a shield with an countdown. If Shield Block isnt up it disapears. Dont be afraid you can adjust an opacity, size, colors, position, images, etc.

    Hopefully english was sufficient. :)

    bye Borris

  2. If you’re watching someone else, then a lot of raid frames have a “buff monitor” aspect.

    I know PerfectRaid can show you when a buff is missing from a class type.

    Are you looking at this as *you* are the tank, or are you spying on your tank to keep him honest?

  3. sittingwarrior says:

    Here is a link to me using Weak Auras ( to show the Shield Block up time on HC Ultraxion, the addon allows you to customise size and position on the screen. it only works for yourself and your target though, not an entire raid group.