Calzowned downs Hydross

Well, it’s about a week late in posting, but another personal note on another first kill for our guild.  Last Sunday, we dropped Hydross on our 2nd night of attempts.

In all honesty, we would have downed this guy on our first night had I not missed one important piece of information.  During the transition from one phase to the next, I was under the assumption that it was a total and complete aggro wipe.  This is not the case, it is only a partial aggro wipe.  I am not sure of the exact mechanics, but know that it is not a 100% complete aggro wipe.

I was tanking Nature, so our Frost tank would initiate aggro.  Since I was going to pick it up after the transition, I mainly focused on conserving rage and making sure debuffs were applied.  I did not concern myself with building threat (again, I assumed complete aggro wipe).  When we transitioned to poison, every time, Hydross would be line it for someone, often going back across into Frost, spawning more adds, and ensuring a wipe.

I kept chalking it up to too many dots, or overaggro.  I did not realize that it was my fault in not having built up any threat before the transition.

After the 6th attempt of the night, I finally realized that the transition was not a complete wipe.  On the next attempt, I concentrated more on building threat with the frost tank during the first phase.  Upon the transition, Hydross stuck to me like glue, as expected.  That was the first strong attempt we had and we got him down to 40%.  Unfortunately it was late and we had to call it a night.

The next time we saw him, we were better prepared and we took Hydross down with zero deaths.  Ahhh, I love it when a plan comes together!

We used a hybrid resist prot paly to tank 2 – 3 of the adds and AoE’d them down during each transition.  An additional frost resist tank grabbed 2 frost adds during frost phase and 1 nature add during the poison phase.  This worked very well for us.

Some tips for our readers!

Tip #1 :  I learned this one the hard way.  The transition from phase to phase is NOT a complete aggro wipe, so make sure you are always building threat.

Tip #2 : Some of the strangest things can aggro him after the transition, ie, for us it was a Searing Totem.  Tell your shammies to keep ‘em in their pants because it could cause a silly wipe.

Tip #3 : Use a weapon swap macro to swap to dual wield when you are not the focus tank in order to generate more rage.  Just make sure you swap back to your sword and board before you take over tanking!

Tip #4 : Get your guild to start working on resist gear early!  This stuff is pricey and takes a while to accumulate.

Tip #5 : You can back Hydross across the transition line, but if you find you need to move quickly, strafe run instead of turning your back to Hydross.  Strafe running is very important as you can move full speed yet still block and parry.

Do you have any tips to add to taking down Hydross?


  1. That’s news to me. I have seen, on several occasions, Hydross cross the line an go tearing after druids or priests because one of their hots ticked at the wrong time. If it is less than a total threat wipe then there is no reason Hydross would go after a healer, he would go after a dps class or more likely, the tank from the previous phase.

    I am usually the frost phase tank and during nature I run around debuffing the adds and chasing down anything that gets loose and /dancing with people and doing just about everything you can think of besides generating threat. Then when we transition back to frost I slap him with a shield slam and he is on me like a fat kid on a cupcake.

    One of the things our tanks do to make life easier for each other is that at the moment of the transition the old tank will drop a Tclap and a devastate so that just in case the new tank misses with his shield slam, the boss will at least stick to the old tank instead of running off and punching someone else in the face. And since there aren’t any stacks of his debuff yet, he won’t be hitting hard at all so it doesn’t matter that you will have the wrong type of resistance on.

    Bosses HATE searing totems. Its just one of those quirks that have been around forever. If you use it right, it can actually help you out a lot. Have one of your shaman cross the line early and drop a searing totem where the boss will be tanked in the next phase. That way, if the new tank misses, then the boss will charge the searing totem instead of some squishy. Searing totems are clutch on Leotheras too.

    If you are having issues with people pulling aggro during the transition (usually warlocks that can’t control their dots), then make sure the entire raid moves across the line right before the transition. That way, even if someone does pull aggro at the moment of the phase change and Hydross runs off to punch that person in the face, it won’t wipe the raid because Hydross won’t have to cross the line to punch the warlock.

  2. Actually I’ve already gotten a couple of messages saying that it IS a total aggro wipe, so the jury is still out.

    On the attempt that basically convinced me it wasn’t complete, we asked EVERYONE to completely stop DPS well before the transition and yet Hydross STILL ran back across and smacked a lock who claimed to have not cast a single dot.

    So who knows… at any rate, with me staying on the boss, generating aggro before the transition, we had no problems with him peeling off and going to smack someone else…

  3. I believe Hydros does do a full agro wipe. The reason he agro’s after the transition is that anyone who even farts before the warrior gets agro will pull him. When learnign the fight we had a pally pull agro from a buff and a druid who swears all he did was bandage himself.

    Generally as the Nature Tank for this I simply target Hydros, stay in front of him at the transition phase and slowly walk backwards when we do the swap.
    When he is around the area where he normally changes I start spamming shield bash. I rarely miss or loose agro at the transition doing this.

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