Multi-tanking in Heroics

Supremeflare writes:

How do i multi tank in heroics? In normal its fine but in heroics I find I can never get enough threat on my second target with clap/cleave to keep him off the healer, where am I going wrong?

The main thing that has to happen here is that the rest of the group needs to understand that you will be splitting your threat between mobs, so they cannot just go crazy as if you were tanking a single mob. DPS should hold off for a few seconds after the pull to allow you to generate some initial aggro on both mobs.

What I do is this, shoot your SECONDARY mob first, to just give you a little extra on your off mob. Switch to the PRIMARY target as they are coming to you. Open up with a Shield Slam on your Primary, follow it up with a TClap and Cleave. Swap to your SECONDARY target to pop a Devastate, then back to your PRIMARY mob to work your threat rotation. At that point, DPS should be able to engage without much issue.

Just continue to use Cleave and swap to your Secondary target every few seconds to apply another Devastate. Don’t forget to keep up TClap and Demo Shout. You can also use Concussion Blow on your off target, as well as Disarm if the incoming damage is too high.

If I’m tanking more than 2, then I do the same except I just cycle through the added mob to Devastate.

Again, the #1 rule here is the DPS remembering that you will be splitting your threat, and they need to adjust accordingly.

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  1. If i’m the puller i tend to pull the secondary target first aswell, if possible being the one closest. This way he will be near us before the primary target (the skull) and i can give him a quick sunder (devastate) and then use Shield Slam on the primary. Now and then a quick devastate on the other target will easily keep it of your healer and you can keep high threat one the one being killed quite easy.

    Now beyond 2 targets it’s a bit more tricky and dps will actually need to pipe down a bit, mostly at the start. If there is no CC i use TC and if i have over 4 mobs Demo shout, this will only buy you a second or 2 so start sundering asap. On the bright side having 4 mobs on you will give you a nice ammount of rage, which will help alot. I save Shield Slam for the primary target myself as that is the best threat generator.

  2. Get yourself a 2nd shield and add a Felsteel shield spike to it. Use shield block whenever it’s available. Use your main shield for boss fights and your spiked shield for tanking multiples.

    Throw in thunder claps and cleaves and you will be amazed how well multiple mobs will stick to you.

  3. First: Tell the Dps in your Group to listen or GTFO.

    Second: Tell them not to dps anything till u have aggrro on all taregets.

    (Now if they listen and anything goes Wrong, it simply means U need to L2Tank:P)

    After u Pull use TC, Demo shout, Devistate all targets then get to work laying down ur Threat in a kill order (make Sure the group Follows the Kill order) u should only need to lay another devistate on the other targets every so often..
    If ur group is a bunch o’ tards and cant follow a kill order i recomend booting them for someone who can.

    Also on the initial Pull try get a high threat move in on the first target (shield Slam, revenge) early as possible b4 continuing to lay a devestate on each mob… This will help cover the dps that tends to jump the gun on pulls.

    Keep up TC, demo , Block… (allways)

    I find Once u have enough rage Cleave Spam and Tab Revenge work well :)

    Note: Its often not the tanks fault when aggro is pulled from a prot warrior in a multi tank situation. Its ur Group (dps Usualy) Doing stupid shit…

    E.g Hunters>> Multishot Dont Fkn Use it, especially off the pull.

    E.g Shammys>> Chain Lightning is NOT helpfull when im tanking more than one mob .. Stfu Too
    Shammys>> Frost shock or any other Move that says ” causes high amount of Threat” … Don Fkn use it off the pull.

    E.G Warlocks>> Dont Go ahead and DoT every mob in the pull…. I dont give a Fck if u want to top dps… ur not helping the group.

    I could go on but i wont… The point is man get a good group that understands the tank and u should be fine…. If ur stuck puggin with nubs that do the stuff above.. All i can say is Deal with it and try keep ahead of them (Chain Pulling FTW)OR…. Re-Roll a Tankadin and just aoe tank/clear the trash and save ur warrior for the real mens business.. The Boss :P