Calzowned Downs A’lar

As one of our hunters aptly put it, phase 1 of the A’lar fight is for the prima-donna tanks who want all the spotlight.  Trying to be all fancy up on their pedestal and all.  At any rate, just a quick personal note that on our first real night of attempts on A’lar, my guild, Calzowned, dropped the Phoenix on our 8th attempt.  It all really comes down to proper execution of avoiding the Flame Patches as well as getting away from A’lar when the meteor hits.

Here’s a few tanking tips for A’lar just to keep this post relevant.

Tip #1 :  When A’lar enters Phase 2, he will spawn right in the middle of the room, but be sure you’re not right on top of the center.  Anytime A’lar spawns, either the first time for Phase 2, or anytime after a meteor, stand back a bit as A’lar will do a huge knock back when he spawns.

Tip #2 : Typical Intervene does not appear to work on A’lar.  Normally you can Intervene on a mob who is targeting someone else and you will Intervene to that person.  It doesn’t appear to work that way on A’lar so you cannot rely on Intervene to get into position.  Feel free to use Intercept however and jump back to Defensive after you have gotten into range.

Tip #3 : If your Taunt is resisted when the opposing tank gets Molten Armor, don’t forget that you can switch to Battle Stance and use Mocking Blow to pull A’lar onto you.

Tip #4 : During Phase 1, save Berserker Rage for when you have to drop down during Flame Quill, switch to Berserker Stance and then use Berserker Rage so you make sure you have plenty of rage to Intercept up to A’lar immediately after the Flame Quill.


  1. Grats, thats a really fun fight to tank. Here are a few more tips for anyone learning the fight:
    When going from phase 1 to phase 2 we have everyone grouped up in the north of the room right in front of the big flag with the two tanks between al’ar and the raid. For whatever reason he always seems to go after one of our shadow priests or warlock right when phase 2 starts so positioning like this means you can be a long way from al’ar so you don’t get knocked back and at the same time you will be in a position to pick him up before he kills somebody.

    If you are quick on the jump down for fire quill you can immediately start running back to the top and be in position before Al’ar lands. If you are fast enough he won’t do his flame buffet at all plus you don’t have any uncertainty in your position like you might have after an intercept so you won’t accidentally fal off the platform.

    All of the tanks in my guild have TankBuddy which is an excellent add-on that will announce taunt resists in addition to a couple other nice features. So if I get the debuff, I can see if the other tank got resisted and I can pop a dodge trinket or last stand or something while he does a challenging shout or a mocking blow.

    After a meteor Al’ar will always target the person who made the initial pull. So you obviously want to keep the armor debuff off that person. I usually make the pull so to keep the debuff off me, the OT taunts the boss when a melt armor is incoming and then I take it back. The instant the debuff wears off the OT he taunts again in the hope that Al’ar will debuff him again. That way the person he attacks after a meteor is usually free of the debuff and you don’t have to worry about the OT being on the other side of the room or getting knocked back or anything.

  2. You can spell reflect the knock back he does when he dive bombs, useful tip ^^

  3. Had the chance to do this boss on my Alt Tank aswell a while back as we were tanks short (and my alt is fully Epic equiped).
    I knew the basics but learned quite some stuff throughout the fight, fun to do as a wanna-be tank :)

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