Don’t tank Aran!

Put on all your DPS gear, dual wield, Berserker Stance and Devastate away!

#2 Dmg on Shade of Aran

Since Aran does not have consistently expected aggro, there is not much need for ‘tanking’, just go nuts and kill him off before he has a chance to poly your raid! Don’t forget to Pummel your assigned spell


  1. happybunny says:

    Fury stance on aran with dual wield… Does it compare to a Fury stance warrior that’s putting up 1k-1.5k Shield Slam hits, and 2k+ crits on a fully debuffed cloth clad aran?

    Not to mention spell reflect can save your butt when those elementals are shootin’ frost bolts at you. further more if you’re locks suck up too many frost bolts you can jump off the boss and tank those elementals as a back up CC since you’re prot anyways. You’re prolly indirectly increasing DPS by keeping more squishies alive. not to mention Those elementals don’t take long to drop especially in your BlockValue/Crit gear.

    To counter my arguement… that if your tank is throwing around 2k+ shield slam crits… your raid is probably not having alot of trouble with aran in the first place.

  2. Happybunny, the issue is not damage, the issue is rage. One-handed with a shield in tanking gear generates very little white damage compared to dual-weilding. Also since shield slam damage is proportional to your shield block value, you’d need to be in, as you said, “Block Value/Crit gear”, which is something of a contradiction since I have never to this day seen a piece of armor with both crit rating and block value.

    As for the “indirectly increasing dps” argument, spamming devastate on the GCD because your rage is so high means you’re up to 5 sunders in under 8 seconds.

    As for the elementals, that’s the healer’s job, not yours. You can toss a fear if you wind up standing next to one, but keeping sunder stacked and battle shout up is far more useful, especially since in your “block value/crit gear” you can’t be tanking very well at all. Add to that the fact that at 19% you can start execute spam and you are hitting far too hard to be wasted on tanking.. burn him down and save the healers their mana bar.

  3. Personally I’m one of the tanks that carries around a bag of gear that is stacked with STR. When I don’t have to tank I throw on this STR gear, dual wield, and go to zerker stance and poor on the dps. Its all about STR dont put anything in that dps gear other then STR gems Vitality and One-hand weapon specialization is a DPS tanks secret weapon. Use your talents to your advantage. I have never come close to 1000dps in Shield Slam gear but I have done 1000dps as prot in STR gear.