Gearing up for Hydross the Unstable

I forgot to mention that my guild downed Lurker Below a couple of weeks ago. In doing so however, our sights are now set on Hydross the Unstable for our next target. This means it is time to get our resist gear for the encounter.

At a bare minimum, we need a full frost resist set, a full nature resist set and a nice hybrid set for our Paladin AoE multi-tank. Seeing the vast quantities of mats required for all this gear can make you weep.

At a minimum, you are looking for the following items:

Frost Resistance Gear:
Violet Eye Honored Blacksmithing: [item]Iceguard Breastplate[/item] (chest) 60 FR
Violet Eye Revered Blacksmithing: [item]Iceguard Leggings[/item] (legs) 60 FR
Violet Eye Honored Blacksmithing: [item]Iceguard Helm[/item] (head) 50 FR
Violet Eye Honored Jewelcrafting: [item]The Frozen Eye[/item] (finger) 35 FR
Lower City Revered Jewelcrafting: [item]Pendant of Thawing[/item] (neck) 30 FR
Violet Eye Honored Vendor: [item]Inscription of Endurance[/item] (shoulder enchant) 7 all resists
Keepers of Time Honored Vendor: [item]Glyph of Frost Warding[/item] (head enchant) 20 FR
Buffs (Mark of Wild + Paladin Frost resist Aura): 70 Frost Resistance
Total: 332 Frost Resistance

Nature Resistance Gear:
Cenarion Expedition Exalted Blacksmithing: [item]Wildguard Breastplate[/item] (chest) 60 NR
Cenarion Expedition Revered Blacksmithing: [item]Wildguard Leggings[/item] (legs) 60 NR
Cenarion Expedition Revered Blacksmithing: [item]Wildguard Helm[/item] (helm) 50 NR
Cenarion Expedition Exalted Jewelcrafting: [item]The Natural Ward[/item] (finger) 35 NR
Scryer Revered Jewelcrafting: [item]Pendant of Withering[/item] (neck) 30 NR
Violet Eye Honored Vendor: [item]Inscription of Endurance[/item] (shoulder enchant) 7 NR
Cenarion Expedition Honored Vendor: [item]Glyph of Nature Warding[/item] (head enchant) 20 NR
Buffs (Mark of the Wild and Hunter Aspect) : 70 Nature Resistance
Total: 332 Nature Resistance

That is only for plate. The leather for a druid tank would be different. At any rate, the mats for all this is huge. You are looking at thousands of gold worth of Primals, and many hours getting Primal Nethers for your blacksmiths.

As an example, if you need 2 sets of each (1 full frost, 1 full nature and 2 hybrid sets), you would be looking at the following JUST for the armor:

72 [item]Primal Fire[/item]
72 [item]Primal Water[/item]
72 [item]Primal Shadow[/item]
72 [item]Primal Life[/item]
12 [item]Primal Nether[/item]
48 [item]Khorium Bar[/item]
48 [item]Felsteel Bar[/item]

That does not include the Jewelcrafting, nor enchanting. Get your guild working on this as a whole, and get them working on it early


  1. A common mistake in this fight is to value resistance higher than defense for this fight. Getting to the resistance cap of 365 is a big deal but if you can’t get there AND have 490 defense, then you have got to lose some of the resistance gear. Not being at the resistance cap will mean you take a little more damage in the long run but if Hydross is able to squeeze a crit in there then you are dead.

    Also, I have never seen a pally tank all 4 of the adds, we always use two offtanks to pick them up. I would be interested to hear how it goes, I imagine healing on that pally will be pretty intense.

  2. We actually already had our first night of attempts on Hydross on Sunday and it went pretty well for first tries. We didn’t actually have the paly try to grab all four, but instead had him pick up 3.

    On our last attempt of the night we got him down to 44%. I think with a couple of minor adjustments that we’ll down him on our next attempts (possibly tonight).

    Yes, I agree on the defense statement, the spikes of those crits can tear down your tanks.

  3. Agroholic says:

    I had to farm all my mats for my Nature resist set myself. I did it in about 3 days, 8 hours a day. Of course I respec’d fury, to make it go a little smoother.

    I farmed an extra 16x Primal Shadow and Primal Life, and had our guild leatherworker make me 4 Nature Armor Kits. I put them on my legs, chest, and I put one on my Gauntlets of the Iron Maiden, since I don’t use them anymore I decided to make them part of my NR set, as they have good tanking stats.

    Then to keep my defense above 490, I switched out my Jungle Stompers for a pair of Heavy Clefthoof Boots, socketed with a 8 Def Gem, and 12 Stam gem, and stuck the last NR armor kit on those.

    With that setup I can stay at around 14k HP and 15k armor. I’m also at 364 NR(365 max), and 490 defense.

    Our guild is still on Lurker, but we’re getting geared for the fight early.

  4. And I found every little bit of hit rating you can find is a big help on this fight. With all the aggro dumps and the need to make a smooth transition, missing a shield slam is bad news.