Watching other people spec is hazardous to your health.

So I was sitting there in IF waiting for my arena queue to pop up. (2v2 queue ftl) and I saw one of the tanks from another one of the top guilds on my server.  I actually saw him wandering around earlier in what appeared to be pvp gear and now he was standing in front of the warrior trainer apparently respeccing back to prot.  So I hit him with the ole’ /inspect.  I was able to actually watch him spend his all his talent points.  He put 12 in arms and I thought, ‘wow, that’s an unconventional and rather aggressive setup’, then I saw him start putting points into protection and skip right past fury.  I thought to myself, ‘well, he will probably go back and put points into cruelty last’.  But he kept spending points in prot until it looked like he was going to have to skip some key talents in order to get cruelty.  And then it happened – he spent all 49 of the remaining points in prot and not a single one in cruelty.  It made me cry on the inside and a little bit on the outside too. 

He went for an aggressive build with 3/3 imp heroic strike and 1/1 anger management and then shot it to hell by not putting any points into cruelty.  I totally respect people who go out on a limb and try a new spec, but you need to have thought it out and the spec needs to have a focus and a direction.  12/0/49 is a confused spec for someone who didn’t know what he wanted.

Of course this is coming from the guy who totally screwed up his spec last night and somehow ended up with only 1 point in improved thunderclap.  don’t ask…


  1. Actually i ended up with just 1 point in TC aswell. I simply didn’t have more points left and as my Tank alt only tanks now and then in SSC and TK when we have tank shortage thats not too shocking imo.
    My current build has some crappy choices in it but i’m gonna respec to when i get time for it to try it out.
    Should be a good build for threatgeneration while leaving out less important talents out.
    The most shocking might be leaving imp. taunt out… why? I hardly use it (and i MT Karazhan almost every week on my alt), i get overaggro’d rarely and often Shield Slam will generate enough aggro to replace it.
    I never find myself waiting for the Taunt CD to run out to grab the next target, but guess i need to see how it goes now. :)

    But i do think it’s a good thing to check out others specs.. you might get an eye opener now and then, never to seasoned to learn :P

  2. Imp Taunt is a complete waste. If you find yourself needing it, there are other issues at hand, not your needing to taunt more than once in a 10 second timespan.

  3. I wander through Shattrath and I see warriors who have spec’d concussion blow, devastate, the works.

    But apparently decided Shield Slam is not for them.


  4. I remember seeing this a while back and thinking it was pretty interesting:

    While I wonder about the 2.5% of prot warriors who skip Shield Slam, I don’t get too concerned because there are some people who just don’t get tanking. But I really have to wonder what the hell the 0.4% of arms warriors that skipped MS were thinking.


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