You’ve got talents.

I think everyone who has every written a blog about their class has made a post about talents. Usually it about which talents are best for whatever particular task and I might do a post like that in the future, but this one isn’t it.

The following talents are awful and you must have been confused or drunk when you did your talents if you have them. To qualify, some of these talents may be great for 5-mans and trash (redundant?) but any Joe Shieldbearer can tank that stuff, tanking performance on bosses is the only thing that matters because they drop teh purpalz.

Tactical mastery: There are only two situations where you will ever leave defensive stance as a tank. You get knocked back or are somehow far from the boss and you want to intercept back. In that situation can could just as easily stay in def stance and intervene to someone close to the boss or you could do a better job of postioning by having your back to a wall so you don’t get knocked back in the first place or you could not be a hotshot and just run. The other time you leave def stance is to break fear. You break fear with berserker rage. Berserker rage also increases rage from damage while it is active so you very quickly make up for any rage lost in the stance dance.

Improved revenge: The mobs that are stunnable are the ones you want beating on you so that you can get rage. The mobs (and bosses) that hit hard and that you would want to stun are immune to stun.

Improved disarm: lol. Seriously, bosses will actually laugh out loud if you try to disarm them.*

*they don’t actually laugh, I totally tricked you. This talent actually does suck though.

Improved taunt: If you are taunting so often that you need to shorten the cooldown, then either you or your dps are doing something fundamentally wrong. The only time I have ever genuinely thought that this talent might be useful is during the trash in Hyjal when there are 14 mobs at a time and you are running around like a crazy person. But even then, I refused to get this talent simply on principle. Instead of using imp taunt, I just got more resourceful with mocking blow, concussion blow, and aoe taunt in an emergency.

Improved shield bash: If you actually interrupt the spell, it silences the mob anyway. But if you try to preemptively silence a mob, the mob will still queue up the spell and cast it the moment the silence is over and now your interrupt is on cooldown. And just like improved revenge, the mobs where a silence might actually help are all immune to silence and the ones that aren’t immune really need you to interrupt the spell cast, not randomly silence them.

Improved shield wall: See my other post from last month about when I think shield wall ought to be used. With that in mind, when you use this mid fight because your healers are silenced or out of range or you take a spike or something, your healers really only need 2-5 seconds to get you to full health. The other 5 seconds of untalented shield wall are an unecessary bonus. Talent points are a precious thing and I simply cannot justify spending 2 points to increase an unecessary 5 second bonus to 10 seconds. If there is something that you cannot recover from in 10 seconds, then you probably wouldn’t recover in 15 seconds either. (At time of writing I think I have 1/2 Imp Shield Wall thanks to a mis-click when going back to prot after MS for the weekend)

Everything else in protection is good. I have 46 points in protection in my usual tanking build. If you ever see anybody who put 61 points into protection, you need to give them the gold to respec immediately. Preferably to MS because any idiot can play an MS warrior and not give us tanks a bad name.


  1. /agree

    i have to admit i’ve felt tempted to take Improved Taunt when i get a bad PUG, but in the end it won’t really make that much of a difference, and when i want to let that mage that likes to pyro/pom/pyro the first few seconds of every fight die, i can always use the “taunt on cooldown” excuse…

  2. Wow, I didn’t expect a response – mostly I was making notes for myself. I keep trying but I just can’t spec with full cruelty. Due to bad childhood experiences playing Risk with my brother, I have a distrust of probabilities. “One-in-a-million chances crop up nine times out of ten.” I know the whole game is random numbers, but Cruelty crosses some kind of tolerance threshold for me.

    Here’s the closest I can come. A rereading of Rochelle’s post has convinced me that I should be able to get away without the improved shield bash. I’ve dropped Improved Heroic Strike and Improved Shield Bash to top off my One Hand Weapon Specialization and get 3 points in cruelty. I’m currently level 65 so it’ll be a bit before I get there. I’m running 5 mans with a mage/hunter/warlock/holy paladin group.

  3. littletank says:

    I have to be honest it is a personal choice, but I did not go prot till 68ish. If you cant tank as fury warrior with some arms talents at your lvl you are doing some thing wrong. You will lvl faster, and put you that much closer to the coveted purple gear lol. This is only one mans opinion, so you can take that for what it is worth.

  4. tankette says:

    This gives me a lot to think about. I don’t think I can give up my imrpoved taunt but possibly some of the others you mention.


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