Protection Warrior PVP

I continue to say that with the right gear, prot spec can be a viable PVP spec.  With Devastate being such a low rage ability, it can be used quite a bit.  Granted you don’t get massive burst damage with this spec (other than execute), but you can still dish out significant damage, and you will really shine if you are coupled with other melee players.

I haven’t had much luck getting arena teams to let me try out this spec in 5v, but I actually feel that in a melee heavy 5v team, that you could do okay.

Alterac Valley

On a related note, as Horde, queue times for AV have gotten ridiculous.  I was queued for nearly an hour and a half for this particular AV.  Come on Alliance, I know you guys had it EZ Mode for the longest time before the change, but don’t QQ and just refuse to go anymore, learn to win at the new AV!


  1. Does anyone know of a guide to PvP as a protection warrior? My protection warrior has hit 64 and I’d like do a bit of a push for honor and badges. What can I do to be an asset to my battleground group? Mostly I use this toon to tank and I’m not willing to respec every time I want to PvP.

  2. If you’re mainly concerned with battlegrounds, then it’s quite simple. Gear is very important. Get your PVP gear, as well as crit gear. Pick up a couple of good 1 handers (I use [item]The Decapitator[/item] and [item]Fool’s Bane[/item]). Get as much crit as possible (I’m pushing 32% in berserker stance), wade into the fray and just Devastate spam like crazy. Don’t forget to use your interrupts on spell casters, and feel free to utilize your other tools as well, such as Intimidating Shout, Whirlwind, Hamstring, etc.

    Part of being successful with this spec is choosing your targets. Pick the squishies, although I don’t recommend frost mages as you’ll find yourself frozen in place more often than not. Rogues are particularly susceptible to your attacks.

    If you find yourself in a 1 on 1 with another melee, just switch to sword and board and go defensive. Your goal here is to just outlast them.

    I find a response to your question is getting longer and longer, perhaps I will devote a post to Prot spec PVP in the near future.

  3. This is very interesting play. Even more interesting is that much honor, jeebus! Even more interesting is 1.5h queue times, on Cyclone I wait no more than 30s. /flex

  4. Whenever I would go to BGs as prot I would run around in my block value set. I would take hardly any melee damage as long as I wasn’t stunned and I could pop some big shield slams to get the attention of the caster who saw me and thought, ‘lol prot warrior’. I also think that when I run around with a shield on, many of the good players on the other team realize that although they could kill me eventually, it is way too much of a hassle so they leave me alone or at least leave me until last.

    For me the best part about being prot for pvp is indirect. Until recently my guild only had 1 dps warrior so as soon as he got an item the next time it dropped it was up for grabs. Its awesome. It feels like nobody in BGs wear much resilience so I put on all my pve gear and hit like a Mac truck… on steroids… that is shipping steriods across state lines. It is a pure example of gear > skill and I know it, but I can’t help but giggle when I two shot some poor clothie who is just there for his daily.

  5. littletank says:

    I find the irony in the hole Alliance not playing AV. it is a highly touchy subject but in many ways this game is geared to the horde, point in case is the fact that many of you are horde for one racial reason or another. I chose Alliance because that is were my friends are. had I known haw many 12 year olds play the alliance I would have gone horde just to be with adults (or so it would seem). any how it has gotten that the only way to win a AV is to go in on a premaid, or don’t go at all. thus the result you get, and if malganis comes in as a premaid most people bail. I have to admit I do not see blizzards logic in putting a pvp server against a pve server they wont let you take a pve toon to a pvp server for some reason, I mean come on use some of that same logic hear. I am pve and I know the diff when playing against the two, it is very noticeable.
    As for prot in pvp it is handy in AB you can keep them off the flag long enough for peoples to come save you. In AV well we all know that is where tanks shine. EotS and WG a tank and a hunter pacing you out is unstoppable. As for the dps end we suck but is you hamstring, devastate (at least 5 times), rend , demo shout, and T-clap some one that are easy pray for any damage dealing class behind you lol. That is what I do is I don’t respec arm’s. Arm’s with 3 pcs of season 1 all the kara dps gear (i.e. rings, cape….) and Gorhal OMG people run. Know I know I don’t have the best dps set but still I come in at least in the top 10 for damage and a lot of times top 10 for healing lol. so any how any one can pvp.

  6. littletank says:

    ok how do you edit you bobo’s lol. i was at work and in a rush and made some cool type-o’s lol.
    thanks :)

  7. I usually try and find a healer (either from guild or my friends list) and ask them to come along. If they can stay about 30 yards away and heal, usually the alliance don’t pay attention to my buddy until they are about dead. It helps to stay with a group of people instead of trying to go out and solo kill in a BG.

  8. I don’t have a high powered Shield Block set, and the times I have tried to go the Shield Slam route did okay, but I’ve found I can do much better with Devastate spam =)

  9. AB and AV are the best BGs for a prot warrior imho. As long as you are good at calling for help you can hold 2-3 enemies easily until help arrives.

    I also love killing warlocks, since they give everyone else so much trouble, but i can intercept, conc blow and damage away.

    Yesterday i surprised myself holding BS with maybe 3 other people against wave after wave of 7+ horde and not being killed once… gotta love pvp healers

  10. This is an old thread- but for those who peruse googles top hits:

    Prot pvp is best done with 2500 sbv. This is because the cap for ss dmg is 2750 as of 3.2, the first shot you use will be with shield block going over the cap- and then all subsequent ss will be at cap with glyph of blocking (+10% sbv after use of shield slam). I also recommend glyph of charge and glyph of rapid charge (minor/major) so that you can grab casters quickly who pull out of range from your chain stuns. I use devastate glyph as a preference but that’s me, the other minors aren’t important unless you run bgs you’ll want to extend shout timer (1 or the other) for your party members. And you’ll certainly want gag order to interrupt spellcasting with heroic throw+ss dmg.
    If you arena, definitely talent into improved spell reflect to protect your friends. (I would only do 1 of 2 esp if you only 2v2 or 3v3.) 2 of 2 if you 5v5.

    If you 2v2 with a healer or a cloth, you’ll want high crit and armor pen after you get your sbv. If you 2v2 with a hunter or heavier armor partner, you’ll trade off armor pen for additional resilience.

    If you think of something you like better- do it. In all WoW people have theories that may work slightly better than others, but whatever you’re doing is probably just fine. If you strive to get better and better and look for suggestions, they are there for you to take or leave.

    Credit to theory crafters on wowhead, wow forums, and many other places such as tankhard, tankspot, elitest jerks etc.