Honeyed Holiday Ham

EDIT:  Well, I hope not too many people took my advice.  Today when I hover over the Ham, it shows as only having 24 hour duration…

So I don’t always take advantage of the seasonal events in WoW, especially when I have very limited playtime as was the case over the holidays this year. I just happened to be in Thunder Bluff today and clicked on the Smokeywood Pastures vendor and noticed this little beauty:

[item]Honeyed Holiday Ham[/item]

I thought, hey, nice, a cheap, vendor sold +20 Stamina food that lasts 30 minutes! I thought surely you could only buy 1 stack, just like the Skyguard Rations, so I bought up a stack, and then bought another stack, and then another! It appears you can buy an endless supply of these!

At 1.6 gold per stack, this is the most cost effective +20 Stamina food item in the game. So hustle up and buy up a ton of these to mail off to a bank alt before the vendors pack up their goods until next year!<


  1. good eye! I’ll go pop out my dailies on all my toons and stack up quick :)

  2. it`s nice indeed,but i think it`s not very hard to farm stack of talbuk emat for steaks(even got loads of these with cooking daily) so i prefer to just grind meat instead of buying it ;)