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Being aware if Shield Block is being used

MercyRose, a priest, asks Is there a mod to monitor when a tank has shield block up? I don’t know of a mod that will alert you of when Shield Block is up or down, but it is an actual buff that can be seen on the tank’s buff bar.  You just have to keep […]

Calzowned downs Hydross

Well, it’s about a week late in posting, but another personal note on another first kill for our guild.  Last Sunday, we dropped Hydross on our 2nd night of attempts. In all honesty, we would have downed this guy on our first night had I not missed one important piece of information.  During the transition […]

Multi-tanking in Heroics

Supremeflare writes: How do i multi tank in heroics? In normal its fine but in heroics I find I can never get enough threat on my second target with clap/cleave to keep him off the healer, where am I going wrong? The main thing that has to happen here is that the rest of the […]

What is your favorite boss to tank?

Illidan is cool and so is Reliquary of Souls. Kael’thas is maybe the most epic feeling fight in the game. But in my opinion, the most intense and most fun fight for a tank has got to be Gurtogg Bloodboil. The boss has an ability called Bloodboil that will put a DoT on the 5 […]