Archives for December 2007

Tanking Akil’zon

Akil’zon is the second boss in Zul’Aman if you are killing in the order the timers require. If you are not concerned with the timers, then you are free to do whichever boss suits you! Akil’zon is pretty straight forward where tanking is concerned. There really are not any tricks other than just keeping him […]

Tanking Nalorakk

Zul’Aman has brought us several new 10 man bosses. Each of which brings us new little twists to experience. Some are tough, and some not too bad. Over the next few posts, I’ll discuss how I’ve been approaching each of these bosses. First up is Nalorakk. He is the Amani Lord of the Bears and […]

Gladiator’s Shield Wall

Tertel sends a message about an easy to acquire shield upgrade. With Season 3 out, there is a very nice, easy to get shield that will cost you nothing more than a little time. Let’s take a peek at the Season 1 [item]Gladiator’s Shield Wall[/item]. For the low, low price of only 15,000 honor points, […]